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use compatible numbers to estimate each difference 84-36

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Q: Use compatible numbers to estimate each difference 84 - 36?
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Estimate each difference using compatible numbers 53-24?


76.5 divided by 8.8 in compatible numbers to estimate each quotient?


What is the difference between compatible numbers and rounding?

Rounding is going to the nearest tens, hundreds, thousands etc., depending on the problem. Compatible numbers are numbers the work well with each other. Both of these are estimating.

When people say Estimate each answer using compatible numbers what do they mean?

It means that you round each number to one, one half, or zero

What does estimate each difference mean?

Estimate each difference means to estimate the numbers that they give you estimate means round to the nearest 10 like if 24 and you have to round it it will be 20 if the number is 25 which is in the middle than it will be the number upper which is 30

Explain whether it is easier to estimate the product 13.72 x 47.28 by using compatible numbers or by rounding each factor to the nearest whole number?

Compatible numbers would be easier. Rounding gives you 14 x 47. Compatible numbers could be 13 x 50 which would be closer to the actual product.

What is the estimate each sum or difference for 6.5 - 4.4?


Estimate each sum for these numbers 24141- 2177?


What is 46.78-18.55 and estimate each sum or difference?

46.78-18.55 and estimate each sum or difference = 28.23

What do they mean when they say estimate each quotient write the compatible numbers you used?

Suppose you are asked to evaluate a quotient like 923/462. You have several options. You could choose 900 and 500 as compatible numbers for the two given numbers and then your estimated quotient would be 900/500 = 1.8. Or You could choose 920 and 460 as the compatible numbers for them and then your estimated quotient would be 920/460 = 2.0. So the question is essentially, what compatible numbers did you pick and using them, what was the quotient. There is no correct answer to picking compatible numbers. Any estimation is a trade-off between simplicity and accuracy. Incidentally, a more accurate answer is 1.9978 (approx), but even that is not perfect!

Find each difference estimate to check answer 574-382?


What does estimate each sm or difference mean?

In arithmetic, estimate usually means rounding the numbers so they're easier to manipulate. Example: Estimate the sum of 432 and 267. You can round them to 430 and 270 and estimate the sum as 700. You could also round them to 400 and 300 and estimate the same total. To estimate a difference, just subtract them. 430 minus 270 is 160. The actual sum is 699 and the actual difference is 165, so your estimates came pretty close.

How do you estimate each sum or difference with rounding?


How do you estimate products and quotients of fractions?

By rounding each of the numbers involved.

What is the defining difference between each element?

The numbers of protons in their nuclei, which are given by their atomic numbers.

What is difference in CDMA and gsm?

Basically, the difference lie in the technology used. These two run on different frequencies and use different technologies which are not compatible with each other.

The sum of two numbers is 30 and the difference of the numbers is 12 What are the two numbers?

It is 21 and 9. Because you halve 30 to get 15, then add 6 to each to get the difference.

Estimate each sum of difference by rounding 4.204 plus 2.779?


Estimate each sum or difference by round 4.204 plus 2.779?


How do you arrange the numbers 12345678 so that each sum and difference give the same answer?

You cannot. The sum and difference cannot be the same for any pair of non-zero numbers.

What does it mean when in says estimate each product or quotient?

I think it means to do the work and then estimate it. But it could also be estimate the divisor and dividend and then do the work after those two numbers are estimated.

What is the estimate total of two numbers?

round off each of the numbers and add together: 114 + 257 is about 110 + 260 = 370. Exactly how you round off or approximate the numbers depends on how good you need the estimate to be.

What is the formula for sequence 4 6 9 13 18?

n(n+1)/2 + 3Note that the difference between two consecutive numbers increases by one each time.

Compatible number for 419?

Compatible numbers are numbers that look friendly with each other when we do mental calculation to estimate a product or a quotient.So 420 would be an example for 419.Say I want to divide 419 by 2.I can do it easily for 420, it is 210But I increased 419 by 1 so I need to subtract half of 1 which is .5 and the answer is 209.5.I subtracted half or .5 since I increased 419 by 1 and I am dividing by 2.

How do you calculate mean deviation?

Given a set of numbers, and its mean, we can find the difference between each of the numbers and the mean. If we take the mean of these differences, the result is called the mean deviation of the numbers.

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