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(5 x 5) x (5 - 5/5) = 100

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Q: Use five 5s to make 100?
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How can you make five 5s make 24?

well here is how i wud do it................ 5 x 5 - 1 = 24

How many 5s in a 100?


Can you make a target number 37 by using five 5s?

5!/(5+5) + (5*5)

How do 5 5s make 24?

5/5=1 Keep this for later. so 2 5s used. Then do 5*5=25, so 5 5s used as 25 has a five in it, now do 1 - 25=24.

What weighs about 100 grams?

An iPhone 5S.

How many 5s go into 100?


How are the 5s in 552 related?

The five on the left is ten times the five on the right.

What are the values of 5s in the number 5508?

Five thousand, five hundred respectively.

How do you get 33 using five 5s and any mathematical operations?

If: 5s = 33 Then: s = 33/5 = 6.6

What is the relationship betweenthe values of the 5s in 2755?

The five on the left is ten times the five on the right.

How many 5s go into 500?

100 = 500 / 5

What place value of 5s 6755?

They are fifty = 50 and five = 5

What is the plural of 5?

The plural of five is fives (5s) As in "have some high fives".

What is three and five ninths as a decimal?

3.5555 repeating

Can you use iPhone 5 cases for iPhone 5s?

Yes, the 5 case will fit on the 5s. iPhone 5 and 5s are the exact same size, but the 5c is slightly larger and thicker.

In the number 604093.55 what is the value of the 5s?

The values are 5/10 and 5/100 respectively

How to make 56 out of four 5s?

55 + 5/5

What is 2 5s as a percent?

If you mean 2/5 then 2/5 times 100 = 40%

How do you make a rectangle with five shapes?

It depends on the 5 shapes. If they are all identical squares (with sides of length s), then simply lay them side by side and you will get a (s by 5s) rectangle.

How do you make 56 out of 4 5s?

55 + 5/5 = 56

How many 1 over 5s do you need to make 11?

55 of them.

How to get 37 using five 5s and any mathematical operations?

It can't be done using only five 5s, but using six 5s you can get it: 37 = 555/(5+5+5) it can be done using five 5's (5+5/5) ** 5) + 5 ** = power operation actually the above should be written as: ((5+5)/5)^5 + 5 5!/(5+5) + (5*5) will work also

How many 5s go into 110?

21 5s

Which is better the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 5s?


5 5 5 5 equals 12 it should be added mathematical marks between 5s. How can you solve this logical riddle?

(five cubed minus five) / (five plus five) equals 12