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Q: Used involved plots and internal struggle?
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When are stem and leaf plots used?

stem and leaf plots are used in math

How did the author use figurative language to illistrate the struggle of a character in the book the contender?

they used figurative language by saying he a internal conflicts

What are stem and leaf plots used for?


When are scatter plots used?

to show the relationship between 2 sets of data

What are stem plot graphs used for?

steam and leaf plots are used to get the range, median, and mode of a group of numbers.

What kind of data would a line plot be used for?

I think line plots are used to collect a numerous of data.

What farming technique was used by Aztecs?

they grew crops in plots wiht water surounding it

Today you received your dmv history report from California sobriety code 5 What's that mean.?

5 - no alchohol involved 4 - alchohol involved 3 - property damage 2 - person injured - ambulance 1 - injuries involved - mnor (I used to work for the DMV) these are internal codes.

What is used to symbolize the struggle to become an adult?


What is the meaning of Amalgamation of Plots?

Two or more adjacent plots otherwise separate, when are used as one single plot is called amalgamation. For the purpose prior permission of the land holding authority is required.

Why is terracing important?

Terracing is carving small flat plots of land from hillsides used for farming. This is important so that farming is done on flat healthy plots of land, for good harvesting and growing.

Where do you get a Struggle from Pokemon Platinum?

Struggle is not a move that can be learnt through TMs or HMs. It can only be used by a Pokémon once it has used all of its PP for all of its moves. That is, it is impossible for it to use any moves at all, and so it is forced to use Struggle.