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30 pennies, 4 nickels and 5 dimes.

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Q: Using 39 coins to make a dollar and 13 or more must be pennies what coins are you going to use?
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Using 50 coins to make a dollar what coins are you going to be use?

All you need to use is 40 pennies, 8 nickels and 2 dimes.

How many US cents to one ounce?

That's going to depend on the form in which you hold them. 1 ounce of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar coins, dollar bills, checques, or gold, all have different values in cents.

What is the largest number of coins that will make 29.30?

The smallest coin available is a penny, worth one cent. Simply shift the decimal two places to the right (because you're going from dollars and cents to strictly cents) to find that you would need 2930 pennies to make $29.30 using the largest number of coins possible. Using any other coins would only decrease the number of coins in the combination.

What US coins were minted in1933?

Lincoln penny, walking liberty half dollar, ten dollar Indian head gold & twenty dollar St. Gaudens gold. Most of the gold coins were melted before ever going into circulation.

What is the value of 1976 Montreal olympic 5 dollar coin?

The $5.00 Montreal Olympic coins is going for about $30.00

What is the value of a James K. Polk one dollar coin of 2009?

These coins have no extra value as collectibles but are legal coins still in circulation and worth $1. They are designed to replace the dollar bill .

How many pennies were made of copper in 1943 before going to steel that year?

All of them were supposed to be made of steel, however there were a few copper coins accidentally struck that year. Its extremely rare to come across copper pennies from that year.

What in dollars is 80 pounds of loose pennies nickels dimes and quarters worth?

The value of the coins is going to be highly dependent upon the ratio of coins. In general: Dimes, quarters and half dollars are roughly $20/lb Nickels are $5/lb And there are 181 pennies to a pound ($1.81) So we're talking any where from $1600 to $150.

What is the value of an uncirculated CC silver dollar?

You are going to have to provide the year the coin was minted - the mint mark 'CC' (Carson City) was minted on multiple year Silver Dollar coins.

Has anyone had an experience with spirits leaving coins in random places After my mom died my dad started to find coins placed in peculiar places what's going on with this?

You are not alone, this also happened to my family after my grandfather died. We began to find large amounts of pennies in very odd places, such as under a rug in a very rarely used bathroom. Pennies from heaven :)

What are the new pennies going to be made of?

A final decision hasn't been made yet. At this point there is serious discussion of using plated steel, similar to the metals used by several other countries for low denomination coins. Plated steel has been successfully minted in Canada, the U.K., and the EU.

Complete set date and mint mark for Morgan dollar?

It is going to depend on the condition of the individual coins and if it includes any of the varieties, but you can get an idea from the related link.

How much is 500 lbs of pennies worth?

Using the weight of modern zinc pennies (those minted since 1982), one cent weighs 2.5 grams. One pound is 453.59 grams, making 181.4 pennies per pound, times 500 is 90,700 pennies, which is $907. Note: some of these figures were rounded up instead of going 3 or more decimal places.

Why did the US mint stop using silver to make coins?

Silver is a precious metal, and just like gold, it's going to be expensive so they stoped using it because they realized that people could melt the coins down and have a ton of money in silver.

I need to get the M. Fillmore dollar coin?

I would suggest going to the bank. You can purchase these coins there. If they don't have any go to the nearest coin shop and see if they have what you want.

What are the chances you are going to toss 2 pennies 20 times How many times do you expect the 2 pennies will come up 2 tails?


How much is a Commonwealth of the Bahamas sterling silver proof ten dollar 1973 coin worth?

Most examples on E-bay sealed are going for around $30 or so, however, coins from the Bahamas have a small amount of collectability, so those coins will be hard to sell.

How do you know which coins could be used to show 0.77 of a dollar?

I'm going to use US currency, since those are the denominations I know off hand, but will describe the general process. Take the highest valued coin that is less than the fraction. In this case, we'll use the half dollar, which equals 0.5 of a dollar. Now we count how many times that value goes into 0.77 which is once. So, we note that we used 1 half dollar and subtract its value from the 0.77. This equals 0.27, so we have that much left unaccounted for. Now we do the same thing with 0.27. A quarter is 0.25 so we can use that. 0.25 can only go into 0.27 once so we will note that we currently have 1 half dollar and 1 quarter. Now we subtract 0.25 from 0.27 which leaves 0.02 that we need to account for. The only coin left is the penny which is 0.01. 0.01 will go into 0.02 twice, so we have two pennies to add to our list. Adding those two pennies together equals 0.02 which is the value we have left. So our list is done and we have our answer. Our answer is 1 half dollar, 1 quarter, and 2 pennies

Why is copper used in coins?

Copper is used in coins because for small denomination coins it has a small amount of intrinsic value where a coin made out of silver or gold would be impractical. Before WWII almost every single country used coins with intrinsic value, after WWII came countries going off of the gold standard to worthless paper or fiat currency. With that came rampant inflation and eventually gold and later silver coins stopped being issued for circulation. Even copper's use is being phased out, post-1982 pennies are mostly zinc with a small copper coating because due to inflation the value of copper in pre-1982 pennies started being worth more than 1 cent.

What was the value of the Australian Dollar in 1994 compared to the Australian Dollar in 2009?

The Australian Dollar was going for about $0.73 USD in late 1994. The Australian Dollar is currently going for about $0.93 USD as of 3-Dec-2009.

Were the words In God We Trust not on the dollar coin at first but only added later?

If you're referring to the error dollars minted in 2007, the inscription is supposed to appear on the edge of all Presidential dollars. However a small number of coins were accidentally made without going through the machine that pressed the motto on the edge. Historically, all correctly-struck dollar coins have carried the motto since 1866 when it was first added. Any coins minted after that time without the motto are errors.

Free coins on YoVille?

how can I get free coins and cash Well nobody is going to give you free coins and yocash and never give out your password.

When will money stop be used?

Recently 2 months ago I heard a rumor that pennies and 1 dollar bills are not being used so much so they are not going to make as many.Thats the RUMOR I heard. It might not be true but I think it might.

Are Canadian pennies going up in value?

Even though production was discontinued, there hasn't been a corresponding spike in value. There are still millions and millions of Canadian pennies in existence.

How much does a 1921 silver dollar weigh?

It weighs 26.73 grams. Of course the weight will vary slightly between coins due to wear, but won't vary wildly (for example, you aren't going to find a genuine Peace dollar weighing 24.8 grams unless the coin is worn down to nothing)