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OK, SO 2/2 =1 + 2+2 = 5.

*please correct me if i got it wrong*

...this person is only right if you can use other number that arent 2 :)....

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Q: Using four twos how can you get 5 with adding multiplying dividing and subtracting?
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Does the negative rule for exponents using scientific notation apply to adding subtracting dividing and multiplying?

Yes, it does.

What are the rules in adding subtracting multiplying and dividing integers?

Adding integers, if they have the same sign, add their absolute values and keep the same sign. Subtracting, change the sign of the 2nd number and the add using rules of addition. Multiplying and dividing, Divide the absolute values, if the signs are the same the answer is positive, if the signs are different the answer is negative.

How many operations can you make to equal 24 with the numbers 1 3 5 and 8 using operations of adding subtracting dividing and multiplying?

(1 + 5 - 3) * 8 = 24

How do you get 24 using 4 5 6 9 without adding subtracting multiplying or dividing two or more times?

6 x 4 = 24 4 + 5 +6 + 9 =24

What does mathematics involve?

Mathematics involves adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. It also involves using Inductive and Deductive Reasoning, Trigonometry, Radicals, Statistical Reasoning, etc.. Whoever has not tried it has something wrong with them. Try out math. It is really fun.

Can you name all the math equations?

No, it is literally impossible. An equations is a question with a series of numbers which communicate by dividing, subtracting, adding, or multiplying. If we have no end to these numbers, there is an endless wave of equations coming at us, using the new number, and the infinite number before it, and after it.

How do you make five 7's equal 22?

By using arithmetic operations, it is not possible to make five 7's equal 22. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing the number 7 multiple times will not result in 22.

What types of problems can be solved using the the LCM?

Anything having to do with adding or subtracting unlike fractions.

When adding variables with exponents do you add or subtract the exponents?

When adding variables with exponents, you do neither. You only add the exponents if #1 The variables are the same character (such as they are both "a") #2 You are multiplying the variables (NOT ADDING, SUBTRACTING, OR DIVIDING) Using a simple concrete case may make this clearer: 10+2 times 10+3 equals 10+5 ( 100 times 1000 equals 100,000).

How do you use subtraction in the real world?

you always use math in your life weather you are adding , subtracting , multipling or dividing you are always using math ! there is not a day that goes by that people dont use math !

How do you estimate using front-end estimation?

by adding or subtracting the values of the digits in the front place

What are the operations that can be performed using a pointer expression?

a. adding and subtracting the integer values b. adding and subtracting the pointers c. incrementing and decrementing the pointers other than tis pointer operations include relational operations such as =,<,>.