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£75.00 (British Pounds) are worth $121.96 in US Dollars (12,196 pennies).

If you meant, "how much would 75 lbs in weight of US 1¢ coins be worth", then the answer is $96.07.

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Q: Value of 75 pounds of us pennies?
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What would the value of 75 pounds of pennies be?

To answer exactly requires three assumptions:You're referring to US cents rather than British penniesYou're referring to 75 pounds of weight, not 75 pounds sterlingAll of the pennies were minted after 1982, because their weight changed in the middle of that year.One US pound is 453.6 gm so 75 pounds = 75 * 453.6 = 34020 gmCurrent US cents (some 1982, all 1983 and later) weigh 2.5 gm. 34020 / 2.5 = 13608 cents, or $136.08.

What is the value of thirty-four pounds of pennies?

The weight of the US Lincol Cent has changed over the years. The value of 34 pounds would depend upon which years they were minted.

If two us pennies have the same weight as one us quarter and 4 pounds of quarters are worth 100 dollars then how much pounds of pennies worth?

This is not a proper question

How many US dollars are in 75 pounds?

£75 is $91.01

What words add up to 75P?

75P means 75 pence in the British monetary system. It is not 75 US pennies.

How much is 2 pounds?

About 300 Pennies 300 pennies (US cents) will weigh about 2 pounds, but 2 pounds in British currency, is 200 British pence. A pound is currently worth almost $2, so 2 pounds would be equivalent to $4 US

What in dollars is 21 pounds of pennies worth?

Twenty-one pounds of pennies are roughly $38. A new US penny weighs 2.5 grams, there are 453.5 grams in a pound, therefore there are approximately 181 pennies in a pound, and using this there are 3809 pennies in 21 pounds. Three thousand eight hundred nine pennies equal $38.09.

What is the value of a British 1 coin?

It depends, there are several different coins. Here they are in US currency. Copper Coins: Small Coin (1 penny) is about 1.5 cents. Large Coin (2 pennies) is about 3 cents. Round Nickel Coins: Small (5 pennies) is about 7.5 cents Large (10 pennies) is about 15 cents Polygon Nickel Coins: Small (20 pennies) is about 30 cents Large (50 pennies) is about 75 cents Cupro-Nickel Coins: Small (1 pound) is about 1.5 dollars Large (2 pounds) is about 3 dollars Larger (5 pounds) is about 7.5 dollars 100 pennies to the pound

If one has 10 pounds in weight of US pennies how much money does one have?

10 pounds * 16= 160 ounces 160 ounces * 11 = 1760 pennies 1760 pennies=$17.60 in USD

How many pounds does one hundred dollars of pennies weigh?

Modern US cents ("pennies") weigh 2.5 gm. 100 pennies in a dollar - 100 x 100 =10,000 coins. 10,000 x 2.5 = 25,000 gm, or 25 kg. A kilo is equal to 2.204 US pounds, so 25 kg = 25 x 2.204 = 55.1 US pounds

What is the dollar value of 100 pounds of loose pennies?

if they are pre-1982 US 95% pure copper pennies figure 95% of price of copper per lb X 100. if copper is $4 lb, then approx $390 for 100 lbs.

How many US dollars are 75 pounds?