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Q: Value that can be used as a reference point?
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What is a value that can be used as a reference point?

A Benchmark Fraction.If Zero is the description of nothing then it would be a useful reference point as everything else can be clearly defined

Can a moving object also be used as a reference point?

Yes. A moving object can be used as a reference point. Normally when a moving object is used a a reference point, it is used in conjunction with a fixed point as in celestial navigation.

How is a reference point used to determine motion?

A reference point is used to determine motion by calculating the distance between the object that is being observed for motion and the reference point. A moving object is not normally considered a good reference point.

A starting point used to describe the position of an object?

Reference PointA reference point is used to describe the position of an object.

Which state should a reference point be in to be used to determine motion?

The reference point should be stationary, or not moving.

What is the reference point used for?

refrence point is a point relative to which a motion can be observed

What is the reference point used in latitude and longitude?

The longitudinal reference is London, UK. The latitudinal reference is the equator.

What are the different parameter passing methods used by c plus plus?

Pass by value, constant value, reference and constant reference. Pass by value is the default in C++ (pass by reference is the default in Java).

What is the meaning of the word benchmark when used with reference to motion picture production?

a point of reference for a measurement

What is point of reference?

A Point of reference or reference point or it can also be Frame of Reference is a Point which other things can be compared or reffered. It must be in a fixed point. :)

What is a reference point used for?

To set a standard to measure the accuracy, like for time -greenwich meridian time is used as reference.

A place or object that can be used to determine if an object is in motion?

a "Point of Refrence" or "Reference Point"

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