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The volume of a 24-inch diameter pipe with a length of 5,280 feet is: 16,587.6 cubic feet.

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Q: Volume of a 24-inch diameter pipe and a length of 5280 feet?
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How do you combine a meter and a liter to create 5280 feet?

You don't. A liter is a unit of volume, not a unit of length.

What means unit of length equaling 5280 feet?

5280 ft is the same as 1 mile. The unit of length equal to 5280 ft is one mile.

How many gallons in 5280 feet?

You cannot equate length and volume directly. If you mean cubic feet, this is 39497 US gallons

What is the diameter of Neptune in feet?

Find what it is in miles and multiply by 5280.

What is the length and width of a mile in feet?

I mile is a measure of length (5280'). It does not have width.

If sixty feet make a length how many length to make a mile?

There are 5280 feet in one mile. Dividing 5280 feet by 60 feet giveds 5280/60 = 88. Therefore, there are 88 lengths of 60 feet within a mile.

How many times would you have to run a basketball court to equal a mile?

The length of a basketball court is 94 feet. The length of a mile is 5280 feet. 5280/94 = 56.17 times

How many lengths of 75 foot pool equal a mile?

5280/75 = 70.4 5280 feet in a mile divided by the length of the pool.

How much water does a hose 6 diameter and a mile long hold?

With a 6 inch diameter and with 1 mile = 5280 ft = 63360 inches.Volume = (cross sectional area) x ( length) = pi * r2 * length = pi*(3 in)2 * 63360 in = 1791461.79 cubic inches.1 gallon = 231 cubic inches, so it is 7755.25 gallons

Determine the volume of a 10 inch pipe that is 5280' long?

2,880 cubic feet.

There are three of you in the same length as one yard there are 5280 of you in 1 mile what are you?

You are 1 Foot!! 3 Feet = 1 Yard 5280 Feet = 1 Mile

What equals 5280 feet?

A length of 5,280 feet is defined as one ' mile'.

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