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Volume of a rectangular prism= LengthXWidthXHeight

Area of a Rectangle= LengthXWidth

Area of a Trapezoid= (Bottom+Top)/2)XHeight

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Q: Volume of a rectangular prism area of a trapezoid area of a rectangle?
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How do you find the dimensions of a rectangular prism from the volume?

You can't tell the dimensions of a rectangle from its area, or the dimensions of a prism from its volume.

Is a dollar bill rectangle or rectangular prism?

Technically it is a rectangular prism.

What 3D are needed to find the volume of a rectangle?

volume of a rectangular prism = length * width * height

How is volume of rectangular shape object determined?

The volume of a rectangular prism is found by multiplying the base by the rectangle by the width of the prism, leading to the formula: lwh = Awhere l is the length of the prismw is the width of the prism andh is the height of the prism.

What is a retangular prism?

a 3-d rectangle A rectangular prism is a rectangle like in 3-d. a rectangular prisim is a recangle that is 3D a rectangular prism is a rectangle but in 3-d

Is a dollar bill truly a rectangle or a rectangular prism?

A rectangular prism

What is the volume of retengular prism?

The volume of the rectangular prism is:Volume = length x width x heightORVolume = Base x height, where Baseis the area of the rectangle on the side of the prism.

What is the base of a rectangular prism?

The base of a rectangular prism is a base of a rectangle!

How is a rectangle and rectangular prism alike?

both are a rectangular

What figure has 6 rectangle as faces?

It is A square * * * * * What?! It is a cuboid; otherwise know as a rectangular prism.

What does a triangular prism have that rectangular prism does not have?

a triangular prism has to triangular bases while a rectangular prism has a rectangle as the bases.

How is a rectangular prism different than rectangle?

A rectangular prism has 3 dimensions. Whereas the rectangle has only 2 dimensions.