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If it is a collection of 50 cent coins, it could be worth a lot, or not that much. It depends on the dates of the coins and the condition. 50 cent coins from before 1965 are worth more because they are 90% silver.

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Q: Vulue of 50 cents coin collection 24 coins?
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How much is 13 nickels?

If you mean the U.S. coin, each nickel is 5 cents.

How many coins are in a coin collection?

A coin collection can consist of as many coins as you want. You could start pulling coins out of circulation, or you could start spending 5,000$ on each coin, and both of these examples are considered coin collections.

The value of a 1867 Nova Scotia coin with coat of arms on one side and mayflower on the other?

i have a collection of coins from the same set but i am missing that particular coin if it is in good condition it is worth about $5.00 canadian but i bought several missing coins from that collection for 0.99 cents canadian don't be discouraged i thou t they where valuable 2 but i am very interested in that coin my collection was in my family for several years thx

What is coin collection called?

A coin collection is called, well, a coin collection. The hobby of collecting coins is called numismatics.

What is the value of the Lincoln Head Cent Collection 1943 steel?

1943 steel Lincoln cents are very common. A so-called collection is only 3 coins. Each coin may be worth 5 or 10 cents depending on condition.

How do you get 71 cents with only five coins?

You can get 71 cents with a 50 cent coin, a 10 cent coin, two 5 cent coins and one 1 cent coin.

What are the coins of you have two US coins totaling 55 cents and one of the coins is a nickel?

The other coin is the half-dollar coin.

I have 30 cents in my pocket but only 2 coins and one of the coins is not a nickel - what do I have?

The answer is you have a quarter and a nickel. This adds up to 30 cents. One of the coins (the quarter) is not a nickel, but the other coin is. It could also be a 20c coin and a 10c coin, the question doesn't state that they are US cents, they could be Euro cents.

What is coin collecting called?

A coin collection is called, well, a coin collection. The hobby of collecting coins is called numismatics.

What is old coin collection called?

A coin collection is called just that. A coin collection. Although the people that collect coins are called "numismatists".

If you have fifty-five cents and only two coins One of the coins is not a nickel What are the coins?

one of the coin is a nickel and one is a half dollar coin

Alisha had 785 coins in her collection Alisha went to a coin show and sold 36 coins She bought 73 coins How many coins are in Alisha's collection now?

Alisha had 822 coins.

How can 8 coins make 84 cents?

One coin rate is 10 cents its make 84 cents

What 4 coins equal 60 cents?

There is no US coin with a value equal to 60 cents.

How do you handle an inherited coin collection?

If you don't know anything about coins, then the first step should be to take the collection to a coin dealer to get an appraisal.

Value of Canadian Manitoba 1867-1992 25cent coin?

i have a collection of 12 candian coins 25 cents confederation- 125 yr,January to December from 1867-1992 dated on coin, trying to find out value.

How can you start a collection of coins?

Grandparents, antique auctions, even pocket change are all different ways that a collection of coins can be started. Some coin collectors purchase coin albums, others use items on hand to store their collected coins in.

When did the dollars and coins start?

If you mean U.S. coins? The Philadelphia Mint started making coins in 1793, they were cents and half-cents. The first One Dollar coin was made in 1794.

what is the value of a 2 cents coin from 1909 form Ecuador?

2 cents coins from ecuador value

What is the value of my US coin collection?

It's value depends on what coins are in the 'collection' and the grades (condition) of them. It needs to be seen. Take it to a coin dealer for a value.

Two coins have a value of 26 cents One coin is not a penny What are the two coins?

The coin that is not a penny is a quarter. The other one IS a penny.

When does cent become cents isn't one a cent and anything more than that cents?

"Cents" is the plural of "cent". This could be a little confusing, so pay attention. Referring to value, you can have 1 cent, 2 cents, 10 cents, 50 cents, etc. Example - apples are 1 cent each, oranges are 2 cents each. Referring to coins, you can have a 1 cent coin, a 5 cent coin, a 10 cent coin, etc. Example 1 - I have a 1 cent coin, a 2 cent coin and a 10 cent coin in my pocket. Example 2 - I have two 1 cent coins, three 2 cent coins and four 10 cent coins in my pocket. You are referring to the coins and describing them by their values.

Is there a five or a ten coins?

Dollars-no, cents, yes. There was a 20.00 coin

What is the value of a British 1 coin?

It depends, there are several different coins. Here they are in US currency. Copper Coins: Small Coin (1 penny) is about 1.5 cents. Large Coin (2 pennies) is about 3 cents. Round Nickel Coins: Small (5 pennies) is about 7.5 cents Large (10 pennies) is about 15 cents Polygon Nickel Coins: Small (20 pennies) is about 30 cents Large (50 pennies) is about 75 cents Cupro-Nickel Coins: Small (1 pound) is about 1.5 dollars Large (2 pounds) is about 3 dollars Larger (5 pounds) is about 7.5 dollars 100 pennies to the pound

What four coins equal 80 cents?

A 50 cent coin and three 10 cent coins.A 50 cent coin, a 20 cent coin and two 5 cent coins.Four 20 cent coins.

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