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Why do Jehovahs Witnesses disfellowship and how do you respond to the accusations of cruelty?

Because Jehovah God, the Almighty, the Creator of mankind; tells Christians in the Bible that it might; for good reasons, be necessary.This is not an unusual practice. Everyone practices it in some form.For example:Some families may tell their son or daughter: "I don't want you playing with Johnny any more." This is a form of curtailing fellowship. And no doubt they have good reasons.Some American Indian tribes practice 'banishment'. They have good reasons.Even most countries, arrest criminals; and place them in prison. This is a form of disfellowshipping. Their loved ones, their marriage mate, their children; are restricted from fellowship with them. Perhaps only a few times a year, and only for an hour or so; and that may be through a glass window with a phone for voice connection. This is an acceptable practice.Responding to accusations of Cruelty:Jehovah's Witnesses don't do quite as harsh as 'banishment' and 'prison'. No one is banished from being in our presence and singing with us. They can come to our meetings; they can sing; they can say 'amen'; they can walk up to the literature counter and receive for free any piece of literature for themselves (and their children, if they have.) They also are admitted to our 3-day conventions in large stadiums, for free. Upon request they can even receive personalized spiritual counseling from the elders. This does happen quite often. They end up being comforted, and strengthened spiritually, and emotionally.I know of many human kindnesses done for disfellowshipped ones locally by elders and others; (including purchasing a vehicle for one lady; after having repaired her old one without cost to her; among other things. The lady has now disappeared and has not requested reinstatement for 5 years since then.)We also accept pleas for reinstatement. They are not permanently banished. When disfellowshipped ones are willing to live by Jehovah's righteous requirements, they may make a plea for reinstatement. There is no time-limit with us, as in a prison sentence. We have helped so many find their way back again. And once they're back, they often mention that the action taken on them, was what helped jolt them to their senses and straighten up.All the clamoring and bellyaching of 'apostates'; and other 'mainstreamers'; are embellished exaggerations; which we dismiss faster than they can finish their sentence.Grounds for disfellowshipping, with references,Adultery (sexual intercourse with a person other than your marriage mate), includes;Abandoning wife and eloping with another woman - w79 11/15 31-2, w76 p.728Planned adultery to break Scriptural marriage ties - w83 3/15 p.29Remarriage without Scriptural permission - w56 10/1 p.597Polygamy - jv 176Dating a person not legally divorced - ks91-E p.135Apostasy - w83 4/1 pp.22-4, km 8/80 pp.1, 4. includes;Rebellion against Jehovahs organization - w63 7/1Promoting sects - it-2 886Associating with disfellowshipped people including;Friends - ks91-E p.103, w81 9/15 pp.25-6, w55 10/1 p.607Family - ks91-E p.103Blood and blood transfusions - w61 1/15 ks91-E p.95, jv p.183-4Drug use - ks91-E p.96Drunkenness - ks91-E p.95, it-1 656Dishonest business practices - w63 7/1, w86 11/15 14Employment violating Christian principles - km 9/76 p.6, km 2/74Working for any religious organization - ks91-E p.95Working in a gambling institution - ks91-E p.136Selling tobacco - ks91-E p.96Contract work at a military establishmentFalse worship. Includes;Attending another church ks91-E p.94Following mourning customs that involve false worship - w85 4/15 p.25Fornication it-1 863Bestiality - w83 6/1 p.25Incestuous marriage - w78 3/15 p.26Artificial insemination and surrogate motherhood."True Christians, therefore, avoid surrogate motherhood as well as any procedures that involve the use of donated sperm, eggs, or embryos" g04 9/22;"Artificial insemination of a married woman by a donor other than her husband makes her guilty of adultery" g74 8/8 p.28sexual abuse of children - g93 10/8 p.10Reviling - ks91-E p.94, w96 7/15 pp.17-18; it-1 p.991; it-2 p.802Fraud - ks91-E p.94, om pp.142-3Gambling or related employment - w80 9/1, ks91-E p.136Gluttony - w86 5/1Greediness, this in used to include;gambling ks91-E p.95extortion ks91-E p.95, w89 1/15 22, it-1 p.789greed in relation to bride-price: w98 9/15 p.25Homosexuality - w83 6/1 pp.24-6Idolatry - w52 3/1 p.138Loose conduct - ks91-E pp.93, 96, w83 3/15 p.31, w73 9/15 p.574, it-2 p.264, ks91-E p.93, w83 3/15 p.31, w73 9/15 pp.574-6, w97 9/1 p.14, it-2 p.246.This includes;Sexual perversionDisregard for Jehovah's moral standardsDisrespect, disregard or even contempt for standards, laws and authority,Rather than restricted to the usual definition of sexual perversion, the Watchtower defines "loose conduct" as including "disrespect to elders". This enables this term to be used to disfellowship for a wide range of offences not elsewhere covered, and as such is used to cover all manner of sins, such as refusal to cease fellowship with disfellowshipped people, or even being contemptuous in a judicial meeting where no other sin can be proven.Lying - ks91-E p.94, g00 2/8 p.21Non neutral activities (involvement in politics and the military) - ks91-E p.96Military service and non military service including working casual work (certain civilian work has recently been made a conscience matter w96 5/1 p.20) - ks91-E p.96Obscene speech - ks91-E p.95Parents condoning immorality - w56 p.566Political involvement, including voting or holding a political card in Malawi - ks91-E p.96 (w99 11/1 p.28 made voting a conscience matter)Porneia. Includes oral and anal sex between married couples, mutual masturbation between persons not married to each other, homosexuality, lesbianism, fornication, adultery, incest, and bestiality. - ks91-E p.93Slander - ks91-E p.94, w63 7/1, w89 10/15 p.14, om p.142Smoking or selling tobacco - km 2/74, ks91-E p.96Spiritism (includes yoga w02 8/1 p.22) - w55 10/1 p.607Stealing, thievery - om pp.142-5, ks91-E p.94Subversive activity - w95 10/1 p.31UncleannessSexually perverse practices within marriage, such as oral and anal sex - w83 3/15 p.31Heavy petting and breast fondling - ks91-E p.92Touching of sexual parts - ks91-E p.91Practice of viewing abhorrent Pornography - w2012 3/15 p.31Violation of secular law if flagrant attitude - w86 10/1 p.31Violence, extreme physical abuse, fits of anger - ks91-E p.96, w75 p.287, g01 11/8 p.12Includes Boxing w81 7/1 pp.30-1, ks91-E p.142Wilful non support of family, endangerment of mates spirituality - w88 11/1 pp.22-3, km 9/73 p.8, ks91-E p.95Worldly celebrations such as Christmas - ks91-E p.95 (It appears celebrating birthdays is not a reason to be disfellowshipped)

What is the full adventure log on Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky?

Do all this. Start of Log: - Pokemon That joined your team... - Kinds of Pokemon Battled... - Moves learned... - Kinds of items acquired... - Dungeons Cleared... - Fainted in dungeons... - Successful friend rescues... - Pokemon Evolved... - Pokemon egg hatched... - Record # of one-floor victories( your record for how many Pokemon you defeated on one floor)... - Won big at big Treasure... - Recycled items... - Sky Gifts sent... --------Gameplay acheivments: - Discovered the Hot Spring. - Discovered the Fogbound Lake. - Returned from the Future. - Prevented the Planet's Paralysis. - Graduated From Wigglytuff's Guild. - Climbed to the Sky Peak Submit. - Discovered the secret of Aegis cave. - Foiled Darkrai's dastardly plot. --------Special episodes: - Bidoof asked Jirachi for a wish. - Wigglytuff reminisced about his Master. - Sunflora caught the Haunter Group Team Charm Found a Time Gear - The Pokemon in the Future Came Through. --------Seven treasures: - received the Aqua Monica - received the Fiery Drum - received the Terra Cymbal - received the Sky Melodica - received the Rock Horn - received the Grass Cornet - received the Icy Flute ---------Other achievements -Completed all training programs - (Don't know yet.) - (Don't know yet.) --------Certain Pokemon are needed for the Adventure Log. They are the following: -Articuno : 50% chance of recruiting if beaten at Mt. Avalanch. -Zapdos : Amp plains 7F. If beaten, may join team. (Must have Secret Slab or Mystery Part in bag). - Moltres : Giant Valcano 10F. If beaten, may join team. (Must have Secret Slab or Mystery Part in bag). -Mewtwo : May send out chalenge letter: Sky Stairway 25-49F. Will join if defeated. The Wonder Mail is: @HH1# T3S2Q3M JFN@Q SFF4Q 5F5RK#8 121HX -Mew : 50% chance of recruiting if beaten at Mystery Jungle. -Unknown : Aegis Cave. All floors. May join team if defeated. ( You don't need a spacific Unknown.) -Raiku : May send out challenge letter. Southeastern Islands: 13-24F. Will join if defeated. The Wonder mail is: QCW1J NJ+W0@Q M63CF %X1N% CPPN675 54MQ# -Entei : May send out challenge letter. Inferno Cave: 15-29F. Will join if defeated. The Wonder Mail is: FP773YM%4%7@ 36H%J P+M#% 9F&NWSH N=P2K -Suicune : May send out challenge letter. Treacherous Waters:10-19F. Will join if defeated. The Wonder Mail is: =@2H= 10&07Q4 3#C++ M9MH- 4=QNY%2 9C42W -Lugia : Surrounded Sea 18F. If beaten, may join team. (Must have Secret Slab or Mystery Part in bag). -Ho-oh : Mt. Mistral 19F. If beaten, may join team. (Must have Secret Slab or Mystery Part in bag). -Celebi : Mystifying Forest 10F. If beaten, may join team. (Must have Secret Slab or Mystery Part in bag). -Regirock : Rock Aegis Cave stairs. If beaten, may join team. -Regiice : Ice Aegis Cave stairs. If beaten, may join team. -Registeel : Steel Aegis Cave stairs. If beaten, may join team. -Latias : Spacial Rift 10/Happy Outlook 19F. If beaten, may join team. (Must have Secret Slab or Mystery Part in bag). -Latios : Spacial Rift 5F/Midnight Forest 24F. If beaten, may join team. (Must have Secret Slab or Mystery Part in bag). -Kyogre : Bottomless Sea 50F. 50% chance of recruiting if defeated. -Groudon : Shimmer Desert 10F. 50% chance of recruiting if defeated. -Ryquaza : Sky Stairway 50F. 50% chance of recruiting if defeated. -Jirachi : May send out challenge letter. Star Cave Depths 5F. Will join if recruited. The Wonder Mail is: #Q&WX +W83&MW 0S%PF 22N&- TY8&H=Q X0R=W -Deoxys : Shimmer Hill 17F. If beaten, may join team. (Must have Secret Slab or Mystery Part in bag). -Rotom : Midnight Forest 10-20F. May join if recruited. -Uxie : Re-visit Upper Steam Cave 8F. Will join if beaten. -Mespirit : Re-visit Quicksand Pit 11F. Will join team if beaten. -Azelf : Re-visit Crystal Crossing 14F. Will join team if beaten. -Dialga : Re-visit Temporal Spire 11F. Will join team if beaten. -Palkia : Re-visit Deep Spacial Rift 11F. Will join team if beaten. -Heatran : Giant Valcano 20F. 50% chance of recruiting if defeated. -Regigigas : Re-visit Aegis Cave Pit 6F. Will join if defeated. -Giratina : World Abyss 30F. 50% chance of recruiting if defeated. -Cresselia : After beating Darkrai, Cresselia will be by your base. Talk to Cresselia and it will ask if it can join, then say yes. -Phione : Re-visit Miracle Seabed. -Manaphy : After beating Darkrai and doing more than three jobs, Manaphy will visit and ask to join. Then say yes. -Darkrai : Mystifying forest 13F/Lower Crevice Cave 2F/Miracle Sea 3F/Mt. Travail 17F/ Spacial Rift 14F. If beaten, may join team. (Must have Secret Slab or Mystery Part in bag). -Shaymin : Re-visit Sky peak Summit and Shaymin will be there. Talk to and say yes. For more, go to

What does the complete adventure log say in Pokemon mystery dungeon 2?

- Pokemon that joined you- Kinds of Pokemon battled- Moves learned- Items acquired- Cleared dungeons- Fainted in Dungeons- Successful Friend rescues- Successes stealing from Kecleon- Pokemon Evolved- Egg Hatched- Record # of one-floor victories- Discovered the Hot Spring- Discovered the Fog bound lake- Returned from the future- Prevented the planets Paralysis- Graduated from Wigglytuff's Guild- Discovered the secret of Aegis Cave- Foiled Darkrai's dastardly plot- Completed all training programs- Zapdos joined the team- Moltres joined the team- Unown joined the Team- Raikou joined the team- Entei joined the team- Suicune joined the team- Luigia joined the team- Ho-oh joined the team- Regirock Joined the Team- Regiice joined the Team- Registeel Joined the Team- Latios joined the team- Latias joined the team- Jirachi joined the team- Deoxys joined the team- Uxie Joined the Team- Mespirt Joined the team- Azelf Joined the Team- Dialga Joined the Team- Palkia Joined the Team- Regigias Joined the Team- Cresselia Joined the Team- Phinoe Joined the Team- Manaphy Joined the Team- Darkrai Joined the Team And Those are the Adventure Log Details.