WHAT IS THE percentage of .01?

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2017-08-07 15:15:14

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You multiply the decimal by 100.

0.1 x 100 = 10

So the percentage is 10%

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2010-03-30 04:16:55
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The number 0.01 is equivalent to 1 percent (1%).

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Q: WHAT IS THE percentage of .01?
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.01% of australia

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.01 percent

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.01 percent

What is the percentage for 0.15?

.15 = 15% .01= 1% a percent is expressed as one one hundreth

How do you type percentage in your calculator?

considering 1% is 1\100 or .01 of 1, in a calculator type 0.51 for 51%

What is the percentage of Scientology believers in the world?

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What is 10 percent 0f 80?

To find a percentage of a number follow these steps:Convert the percentage number to a decimal .01 = 1% so 10%=.1Multiply the number by the decimal you have converted the percentage number to: .1 X 80 = 8

What percentage is 40 million of 7 billion?

% rate = 40 million/7 billion * 100% = 0.5714%

What is 1 percent of 4 Billion?

Four billion is 4,000,000,000 To take a percentage, multiply both numbers that is your answer 1% is the same as 1/100, or .01 So multiply 4,000,000,000 by .01 and you get 40,000,000 The answer is 40,000,000

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