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It is: 3/8 times 1/9 = 1/24 in its lowest terms

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what is one ninth plus two eighths?

What is 1 times three eighths?

3/8 or three-eighths. Anything multiplied by one is itself.

Which one is greater two eighths or three eighths?

Three Eighths

What is three eighths multiplied by one third?

1/8. the three's cancel out and you're left with 1/8.

What is one half multiplied by five eighths?

one half multiplied by five eighths... 0.5 * 0.635 = 0.3175 OR 1/2 * 5/8 = 5/16

What is greater three eighths or one eighths?

three eights

Is one fourth larger than three eighths?

No, three eighths is larger than one fourth. One fourth is equal to two eighths, and is one eighth smaller than three eighths.

Is one fourths or three eighths greater?

Three eighths is bigger.

What is two and one eighths minus three eighths?

one and six eights or one and three fourths.

What is three eighths minus one fourths?

Three eighths minus one fourth is one eighth.

What is one minus five eighths?

three eighths

How many one eighths are in three eighths?


Is one third higherthan three eighths?

Three eighths is slightly larger

What is one and a half plus three eighths?

one and seven eighths

What is three fourths minus one eight?

Three fourths is six eighths. Six eighths minus one eighth is five eighths.

What is 3 and one ninth minus three eighths?

28/9 = 224/72 - 27/72 = 197/72 = 2 and 53/72

What is 2 and one fourth 4 and three eighths three fourths?

It is seven and three eighths

What is five eighths subtract one quarter?

One quarter is two eighths, so five eighths subtract two eighths is three eighths.

What is negative one third multiplied by three eighths?

-1/3 x 3/8 = -3/24 or simplify it to -1/8

What is bigger 1 third or 3 eights?

Three ninths is one third, and eighths are bigger than ninths. Three eighths is bigger than three ninths. Therefore three eighths is bigger than one third.

What is four and one ninth multiplied by twenty seven?


What is one eighth plus five eighths minus three eighths?

three eights

What is three eighths plus one quarter?

five eighths

What is seven eighths subtract one half?

three eighths

What is one half add three eighths?

Four eighths