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three fifths, 60 percent

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Q: WHAT IS equivalent to sixths-tenths?
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6.4 and 6.40 equivalent or not equivalent?

yes these are equivalent

Is 3.0105 and 3.01005 equivalent or not equivalent?

Not equivalent

Is 1.0050 and 1.005 equivalent or not equivalent?


Is 5 times 7h and 35h equivalent or not equivalent?


Is 2.26 and 2.260 equivalent or not equivalent?

is 8.05 and 8.50 equivalent

6.4 and 6.40 is equivalent or not equivalent?

yes. 6.4 and 6.40 are equivalent

Is 23.504 and 23.50 equivalent or not equivalent?

No, they are not equivalent!

Give the law of combination of resistance in series?

In series combination, Current(I) remains same among all the resistors, but voltage(V) changes. So: V(Equivalent) = I(Equivalent) * R(Equivalent) R(Equivalent) = V(Equivalent)/ I(Equivalent) R(Equivalent) = IR1+ IR2+...+IRn / I R(Equivalent) = I(R1+R2+...+Rn)/ I R(Equivalent) = R1+R2+...+Rn

What is the Equivalent of a stallion?

Equivalent in what?

Integer and natural number are equivalent sets if equivalent show that?

They are not equivalent sets.

Is a half an equivalent fraction?

Equivalent to what? No fraction is "equivalent" by itself; you can say that two or more fractions are equivalent, if they represent the same number.

What is the difference between a cubic decimetre and a liter?

They are equivalent measures.They are equivalent measures.They are equivalent measures.They are equivalent measures.

Is 86 equivalent to 13?

No, they are not equivalent.

A sentence for equivalent?

Fractions are equivalent.

Is 210 equivalent?

Is 210 equivalent to what?

812 and 2436 are equivalent or not equivalent?

no they are not.

Is 0.4 and 0.40 equivalent?

it is equivalent!

What is the equivalent of zepto?

what is the equivalent of the prefixes

Are 7.02 and 7.020 equivalent?


Is 2.08 and 2.008 equivalent or not equivalent?


Is 214 equivalent to 37?

No, they are not equivalent.

Which decimal is equivalent to 63/75?

0.84 is equivalent.

What percent is equivalent to 0.125?

The percent equivalent is 12.5%. The fraction equivalent is 1/8.

What equivalent fractions are equivalent to three fourths?

6/8 is equivalent to 3/4.

What makes an equivalent fraction equivalent?

The thing that makes an equivalent fraction equivalent is the overall value of the fraction, the ratio between the numerator and the denominator.