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Q: WHAT different ways people express themselves?
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Why dance was developed?

Dance was developed so people could express themselves in various ways.

How do the Mormon's express themselves religiously?

The Mormon's express themselves religiously in a variety of ways. Some of these ways include work with charitable causes and helping when humanitarian issues arise across the world.

How did the art and architecture of the Muslims reflect cultural blending?

People's artwork allowed them to express themselves. Architecture can reflect the people of the culture.

How do you express the number 0.80 in two different ways?

You can express that in many different ways. For example, 0.8, 4/5, or 80% or 80 over 100

How do people express themselves?

People can express themselves in numerous ways, such as through verbal communication, body language, art, music, writing, fashion, and other creative outlets. Each person may have different preferences for how they choose to express their thoughts, emotions, and individuality to the world.

Integrated communicators express themselves in skillful ways because?

They have internalized effective behaviour

How do you express gratitude?

There are many ways to express gratitude. This includes saying thank you, writing a thank you note, or giving a gift. Gratitude is expressed in different ways in different cultures.

Do blind dogs lack personality?

No. Blind dogs can express themselves in many other ways.

Why do animals have different ways of protecting themselves?


Why did fashion change from the 1950's - 1980's?

New trend were coming along and people were trying to stay "hip" People were trying to find new ways to express themselves and being creative

What are the physical of stress?

The symptoms of stress manifests themselves in different ways for different people. Some people get headaches, others get nauseated and may vomit. Some people tremble and other become achy.

How do you come up with your own songs?

All you realy have to do is look inside of yourself and say what you are feeling songs are the ways most people express themselves so all you feel is what you will write.