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Q: Was Pythagoras famous for anything outside of the world of math?
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Who is the wife of Pythagoras and what is her contribution?

His wife name is Theano. She contributed services to him in becoming world famous mathematician.

In math world what is Pythagoras famous for?

If I recall it correctly Pythagoras found the when dealing with right angle triangles, the square on the hypotenuse equaled the sum of the squares on the other two sides.

What was Pythagorus famous for?

Pythagoras was famous fordiscovering the Pythagoras Theorem in 530 BC. He is also famous for founding the Pythagorean School in Croton, Italy where he himself taught mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, and many other subjects. His society spread throughout the ancient world, influencing all later philosophers and mathematicians, including Plato and Aristotle.

How did Pythagoras live when he was younger?

Well, on Wikipedia, it says that Pythagoras might have traveled the world for knowege.

How did pythagoras get his education?

I think that Pythagoras got his eduacation from around the world. On Wikepedia, it says that he traveled the world at an young age, seeking information.

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Yes anything where the computer communicates with you or the outside world is an output device, anything you or the outside worlds uses to communicate with your computer is an input device.

How can Pythagoras became well known?

To school children in the Western world, Pythagoras is probably best known for Pythagoras theorem. However, apart from Eurocentrism, there is little to connect Pythagoras with the theorem since it was known to Mesopotemian, Chinese and Indian mathematicians for centuries before Pythagoras.

What did the greek Pythagoras give to the world?

He gave the Pythagorean Theorem to the world.

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Tulisa definitely is through x factor but i doubt n-dubz are as famous outside of the uk...

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Did Pythagoras' work Help or hurt the World of Math?

It helped.