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Flipping a coin is a 50-50 chance no decision or thought needed. A jury should have the right of mind not to base a conviction on luck they have to decide for themselves and weight the options. It is not a just process to take the lives of others in the hands of chance.

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Q: Was flipping a coin by a jury a just process?
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they are all equally likely, just like flipping a coin.

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What is charge to a jury?

The "charge" to a jury is when the judge reads and explains the applicable law to the case the jury has just finished listening to, to aid and instruct them in their deliberation.

A coin is tossed 3 times. What is the probability of getting 3 tails in a row?

The answer I'm editing says the odds are 1 in 8. This is true only if you actually mean the probability of getting 3 tails in a row, rather than just 3 of either heads or tails in a row. In mentioned case, the first flip doesn't matter which side it lands on, just the proceeding two flips do. So, the odds of flipping a coin three times with the same outcome are 1 in 2^2 or 1 in 4. The odds of flipping three tails in a row are 1 in 2^3 or 1 in 8.

What is the recipical of 1.25?

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The short answer is, "DO NOT CLEAN YOUR COINS". If you have a coin with any collector value to it or, you are hoping to increase the value of a coin by cleaning it, any cleaning process will damage the finish of the coin by introducing tiny scratches or removing small quantities of metal. Any cleaning process will possibly render the coin worthless at worst. If you have a coin of no collector value and you would just like to make it look nice and shiny, you could use any of the commercially available jewellery cleaners.

What does unlikely mean in math?

The word unlikely means just that: it describes an event that probably won't happen. For example, winning the lottery, or flipping a coin ten times and getting only heads, or whales carrying out plots for world domination, are all unlikely.

Does a judge instruct a jury as to the law that applies in a case?

Yes, this occurs after the case is concluded and just prior to the jury being sent to the jury room to begin their deliberations.

Am I supposed to capitalize grand jury?

When referring to a particular grand jury (i.e.: The Essex County Grand Jury), yes. When simply just referring to grand juries in general no, it is not necessary.

What fact explains why approximately half of the children born are male and half female?

Just think about flipping a coin... the chances of it landing on tails is 50% and the chances of it landing on heads is 50%. So unless the coined is tricked, than it should be exactly 50% for both heads and tails.

What is An order by a judge directing the jury to consider the facts about the case and return a just verdict?

It is referred to as his "charge to the jury."

Is this considered jury tampering when you choose the best juror for a case?

No, that just jury SELECTION; it's legal. Jury TAMPERING involves trying to influence a juror after she/he has been selected.

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Its simple. just talk to your friend about it. if they are your friend then they will understand and you can work somthing out. but what you musn't do it leave it to chance who gets the girl say flipping a coin the other friend will just gte jealous and u will lose your friendship. being a girl i think that friendship is more important and there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Who chooses the jury in a court case?

In the US, each county has a record of all eligible voters based upon voting records, drivers license records, or some other method. All those eligible voters are also eligible to be selected for jury service. So once every few years, your name will be called up (by a computer) to report for jury duty. If you're called, you will be placed into a jury pool, where you can be assigned to either criminal, civil, or grand jury cases. (Hence, jury trials can happen in just about any type of court- the only ones without jury trials would be specialized courts like family court, bankruptcy court, or small claims court.) Once you're assigned to the court, you will then be put through a process called voir dire. In this process, the lawyers for both sides will ask you questions to see if they think you are sufficiently impartial to be on the jury. If either the judge or one (or both) of the sides doesn't want you for the case, you are dismissed and go back to the jury pool for another case. If all sides agree, you're on the jury and you hear the case.

How does one get out of jury duty?

just call in sick

What is the probability that you get a prime number with one dice and a tail on a coin?

The prime numbers from 1-6 are 2, 3, 5 (1 is not prime). There are 3 prime numbers on a dice and 6 total. therefore the probability of rolling a prime is 3/6. The probability of getting a tails when flipping a coin is 1/2. Therefore you just multiply the two. 3/6 * 1/2 = 1/4

What are the sides of a penny called?

The front of a penny (Lincoln's profile) or the front of any coin is called the obverse or heads side, the back of a coin is known as the reverse or tails side. There is no jargon for the side or edge of a coin. Some coins have a ridge around the edge. The process for producing that ridge is ''milling''. Also, the corrugated edge of a coin, such as the quarter, is called a ''reeded edge''. The process for creating it is called ''knurling'' or, sometimes, just ''milling''.

A person may be excused from jury duty for all What except?

A person may no be excused from jury duty just because they have a job. They also may not be excused just because they have children to attend to.