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Q: Was the biggest t-rex 65 feet long and 35 feet tall?
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How long trex?

Trex was 40ft long, but it is not the biggest meat eating dionsaur

How big can TRex get?

sixteen feet tall and thirty nine feet long

What is bigger a spinosaurus or a t-rex?

Spinosaurus was larger, but the Tyrannosaurus is much stronger.

Can trex grow 45 feet long and weight 10 tonsplus be 21 feet high?


How long is trex?

40 ft

How high is a trex?

18 feet 6 inches (5.6 meters)

How long would trex care for their young?

Such aspects of dinosaur behavior are not known.

How much is the residential TRex fencing with synthetic privacy panels and posts-6' high-approximately 310 linear feet ?

If you're looking for TRex Seclusions, and not TRex Surroundings fencing, then you'll need to call Alpine Lumber Company in Denver for a quote. The pricing changes often depending on the cost of lumber.

What did a trex look like?

A T-rex, or Tyrannosaurus rex, was a dinosaur with skin of a crocodile-like texture. They were approximately forty feet tall, but their jaws and mouths were massive in proportion to their body. They stood on two legs and had two small arms.

Who would win in a fight a trex or rajasaurus?


When to capitalize the word trex as in trex decking?

Capitalize trex when you are using it as a proper noun, such as a specific thing or trademark.

Who would win in a trex vs pteranadon fight?