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Q: Water heater has output of 40000 btuh and a 10 degree water temp differential between the supply and return pipes What is the flow rate in gpm through the coil?
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What energy changes does a electrical heater have?

Electricity energy is converted into internal energy through work. As the internal energy of the heater increases so, too, does its temperature. Energy is then lost to the surroundings through heat transfer. The change in the heater's internal energy is the difference between the work done on the heater and the heat transfer away from it.

If the coolant isn't circulating through the heater causing for little heat temperature what is the problem?

There is no relay. There is an electrically controlled temp door motor that runs the door directing the air flow, either across the heater core, or across the evaporator core, or any degree in between. That motor sometmes fails, and that blend dorr likes to break. I have a feeling you will need a heater case, because the door is part of the assembly.

1995 40 6 cylinder-What's the name of the coolant system part between the radiator and heater; Coolant passes through two ports in it and it has a vacuum-activated switch?

its called your heater core No it is called your heater control valve

Can antifreeze get into the engine through a faulty heater core or water pump?

through a cracked heater core - possible.

What is a heater coil and a heater core?

The heater coil and a heater core is the same thing. Hot water circulates from the engine and through the heater core then back to engine generating heat for your heater system.

How does heater work on thermo king apu?

Same way the heater on your truck works... coolant is run through the engine system, becomes heated, is run through a heater coil, and a blower blows the heated air around the heater coil through the ductwork to heat up the vehicle.

Why does your windshield get foggy and you smell antifreeze through the heat vent?

Leaking heater core.Leaking heater core.

Where is heater valve in VW Passat?

There is not a heater valve in a WV Passat. Instead, coolant moves through the heater core at all times.

How do you bypass heater core on 2000 ford expedition?

just splice the two heater hoses that go through to the heater core the together

What heats up the interior of a car?

Hot coolant from the engine is circulated through a element under the dash that is called a heater core. The heater core has air space between the sections of it and the hot air from the core is blown through ducting below the dash by a fan called the blower motor.

Where is the heater control value on 2001 jeep Cherokee sport?

In line on the heater hoses on the passenger side of the engine. Has a small vacuum line to it and both heater hoses go through it. The heater hoses are smaller than the radiator hoses and go through the firwall.

Anti-freeze fluid through the air conditioner and heater vents on a Mazda?

it could be the heater is leaking!