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Well, if you consider George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Francis Marion, and a bunch of others 'important people,' there sure were. Washington, our first President, was a Virginian. Jefferson not only authored the Declaration of Independence, he was the third President & the man who acquired the Louisiana Purchase. He was also a Virginian. James Madison, another Virginian and President, authored the Bill of Rights. Monroe was President--yet another Virginian. Marion, known as The Swamp Fox, was one of the most effective field commanders in the Revolution. He was from South Carolina. The list could fill a fair-sized book.

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Q: Were there any important people in the southern colonies?
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Nathaniel Bacon's Rebellion was very important in the southern colonies

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What system of government did the southern colonies have?

They were self-government , they had meetings on issues if their was any.

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The New England colonies had several important seaports, of which the most important was Boston.

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For the average child in the southern colonies, almost no formal education was forthcoming. There were few schools and most would not allow any poor children to attend.

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As early as 1634 New England had public schools, but the southern states depended on tutoring for the plantation children. Poor people and slaves didn't get any education.

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On the whole, the New England and Middle Colonies of America in the 17th and 18th centuries did not contain widespread nor economically significant slave-holding. That slavery was initially legal is undeniable; however, by contrast with the Southern colonies, the basic way of life of these colonies was not dependent on slave-labor in any important respect.

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In the 18th Century there were more farmers than any other job.

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it is difficult to start any organization especially a colony. considering the weather conditions and soil richness, id have to say not as difficult as it was to make the new British colonies

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The Southern colonies had large expanses of fertile soil ideal for large tobacco plantations. The weather was ideal for many settlers as the northern British colonies had cold winters. The coastlines of these colonies were also suitable for good harbors. This would allow for the speedy export of tobacco and any cotton crops. Charleston, South Carolina is an excellent example of a harbor and warm weather. Including mild Winters.

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