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It is bailable

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Q: Wether sec 420 of ipc is bailable or non bailable?
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Is the offense under section 420 and 406 of IPC bailable?

Both Sections of IPC are non-bailable.

IPC 420 is bailable or non bailable?

one person open a fake account with his peon and my name. he is deposit my saving in a fake account and withdraw the all my savings from fake account.

What are the non bailable offences in the Philippines?

Rape is also non-bailable in the Philippines.

What is a non bailable warrant?

"Non-bailable Warrant" means that a person arrested shall not be automatically entitled to be released on bail, unlike the Bailable Warrant, where the arrested person has an inherent right to be released on a suitable bond, upon the arrest. It however needs to be known the court may or may not order the person arrested under a Non Bailable Warrant, to be released on a suitable bail - with or without any conditions.

When will estafa case non bailable?

The Estafa Case was deemed non-bailable by a court in Pampanga on October 5, 2012. The case stemmed from allegations of a scam where ghost buyers were put in place for Globe Asiatique.

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Can IPC 498a case be withdrawn by a woman petitioner?

No, 498A is non-compoundable. The petitioner has to turn hostile in front of the judge and then the judge will write off the case

Is it possible to have two voter ID cards in India?

Yes it is possible, but only through illegal means. If caught you would be tried under Indian Law which has provision for non-bailable warrant.

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What is section 302 in Indian law?

section 302 is for murderSection 302 of IPC:Punishment for murder.- Whoever commits murder shall be punished with death, or 1[imprisonment for life], and shall also be liable to fine.CLASSIFICATION OF OFENCE:Punishment- Death , or imprisonment for life, and fine-Cognizable -Non-bailable-Triable by Court of Session - Non- compoundable.