What's address line

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Address line is for your current address or P.O box.

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Q: What's address line
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What is an address line?

An address line carries address information rather than other data via a bus or cable. An address line is also the line where an address would go on an letter or envelope.a line and a adress

What is first line of address?

The first line of an address is composed of the street address. The second line is used for any apartment or suite number.

What does Address Line mean?

"address line 1" and "address line 2" simply means your home address, or any address where you want the mail to go to.It's basically asking you where you live.Here's an example:"address line 1": 123 Main St (St = Street)"address line 2" : apartment 4 ("apt 4" for short)

What does street line mean?

address. address.

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What am I supposed to write in a format like ''Address Line 1 and 2''?

The first line of your postal address and the second line of your postal address. But if the second line of your postal address is your town or city check that the next field is not "town/city". So for example: Address Line 1: 21, Any Street Address Line 2: <leave blank> Town/City: Mytown or Address Line 1: Apartment 1234 Address Line 2: 21, Any Street Town/City: Mytown

What does Address Line 1?

it means a street address or your home address

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