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Q: What are perfect shapes made with tools measured with math calld?
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What are perfect shapes made with tools and measured with math called?

free-form or pure shapes.

What are perfect shapes made with tools and measured in math called?

If i am honest i have no idea- i dont even know y im typing dis

What is the difference between metric tools and standard tools?

Metric tools are measured in milimeters (mm). Standard Tools are measured in fractions of inches.

What is made of wood metal or plastic used to refine shapes?

Pottery tools can be made out of plastic, medal or plastic. These tools are used to refine shapes.

What is the use of bezier tools?

Bezier tools are used to create vector shapes and paths.

What tools are used measured temperature?


Liquid volume should be measured in what?

with measuring tools

What gauge wire?

A tools that measured the size of a wire.

What tools are used to ice sculpt?

chainsaws (rough shapes) ice pics for detail among other tools

Expalin notepad and wordad?

The Shape tools let you work with pre-defined shapes unlike the free-form tools.

Which are the different tools in Adobe photoshop and how we can use it to create a design?

There are many tools you can use to create design, Type Tool to create text, Shape Tools to draw shapes, Pen Tool to draw shapes, Brush Tool to paint and they are located on left side of Screen in Toolbox.

Why does James Gleick compare to book to a hammer?

They are both perfect tools

How were the tools of the Paleolithic stone age?

They were of different shapes and sizes according to different culture.

What are three ways to create shapes in clay?

By your hands, on a spinning wheel, or using tools

Because of the tools they were limited to the Greeks were only able to construct five shapes?


Why does James Gleick compare a book to a hammer?

both are perfect tools

What are the tools that can you used to measure wind?

The wind direction is measured with wind vanes or wind socks. The wind speed is measured with an anemometer.

Where can you find the estimated digit on a measured number?

A measured number is not estimated. It is measured to the accuracy of the tool being used, though all tools have a certain tolerance and the last digit would be the least accurate.

How is the natural disaster measured and classified and which tools are used to measure natural disaster?


How can one teach kids about shapes?

Shapes can be taught at an early age to children. There are picture books as well as flash cards to use as teaching tools for children of any age and mentality.

What is use of normal milling machines?

Milling machines cut parts and tools to precise shapes and sizes.

Are there power tools for women?

There are several power tools for women; in fact, all power tools are for women. A hand drill is a perfect start, but always be careful when handling a power tool.

How did homo habilis make there tools?

The Homo Habilis made tools by carving pieces of rock and animal bone into useful shapes. They would have made stone knives or maybe daggers, needles and tools to help them hunt or carve.

What tools are used to measure an avalanche?

Avalanches are measured for length, depth, volume and speed.

Why did James Gleick compare a book to a hammer because both?

are perfect tools we will always use - apex