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Q: What are the 5 bodies of water in the bahamas that is deeper than 600 ft are?
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Major bodies of water in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is a popular tour destination. The island is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and contains more than 700 islands.

What are the characteristics of a lake?

Lakes are inland bodies of fresh (sometimes salt) water that are larger and deeper than ponds. They are surrounded by land.

What is a hyperbole for a deep puddle of water?

That puddle is deeper than the Atlantic Ocean!

What are the largest bodies of water in Georgia?

There are a lot of attractions in the state of Georgia. Lake Hartwell has over 1,000 miles of shoreline. Lake Lanier has wider areas of water, and is quite a bit deeper than Lake Hartwell.

Why is it that ship floats deeper in fresh water than in the sea water?

sea water is denser.

A wave moving in water that is deeper than half its wavelength is called what?

A deep-water wave.

What is a wave moving in water deeper than half its wavelength called?

deep water waves

Why soft corals live in deeper water than hard corals?

soft corals live deeper water than hard corals because soft corals do not create a hard outer skeleton as the hard corals do.

Where are Warm areas on the ocean?

In the Tropics. Shallow water will retain more heat than deeper water.

Surrounded by 2 bodies of what is called?

If you are referring to 2 bodies of water, than your answer is: a penninsula.

Why metal not rusting under the water deeper than 10 m?


What is deeper than a nick?

A gouge is deeper than a nick.

What is a strip of water joining two larger ones? - a large sea or ocean inlet larger than a bay, deeper than a bight, wider than a fjord, or it may identify a narrow sea or ocean channel between two bodies of land. the answer is sound!

Will a plastic box filled with tennis balls sink deeper into the water than an empty plastic of the same size and shape Explain?

Yes. Tennis balls are denser than air, thus more water must be displaced (i.e. "sinking deeper") to allow it to float.

Why do boat sink deeper in salt water than fresh water?

Thats not true. Salt water is more dense than fresh water so the boat wont sink as much

Which three bodies of water do not border south America?

There are many more than three bodies of water in the world that do not border on South America.

Why is the sea water around the Bahamas warmer than the middle of the Atlantic ocean?

its closer to the equator

What happens to the water pressure as you go deeper into the ocean?

The water pressure gets more and more "heavier" than before

Why do dead bodies float on water whereas the living bodies sink?

because when the dead body is dumped in water, slowly the body absorbs water and the density of the body and water becomes the same.but wheras living bodies is denser than liquid.

Is well water surface water?

Surface water is from wells to about 30 ft deep. Drilled wells deeper than 30 ft are not surface water.

Why are ocean waves higher than lake waves?

because the ocean water is wider and deeper

Can a tortoise swim?

No, it can walk through water as long as the water is not any higher than the top of its legs and never have water deeper than one and a half centimetres in a tortoise pen/vivarium

Which is closer to the equator Mexico or Bahamas?

Mexico. The southern part of Mexico is nearer to the equator than the Bahamas, although some of it is further from the equator than the Bahamas.

What makes a sea a sea?

Seas are large bodies of water smaller than an ocean. They may be inland bodies of salt or fresh water, or a part of an ocean.

What are the basics I should know about deep sea fishing?

Deep sea fishing is just fishing on deeper bodies of water. It usually takes place in the ocean. You fish with a longer line and bigger bait than in other settings, because you are fishing for bigger catches.