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Q: What are the uses of abacus?
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Related questions

What is the difference between abacus and calculator?

The difference is that an abacus uses beads to calculate. A calculater uses solar energy or batteries to make its digital numbers. In other words an abacus uses beads and a calculater uses buttons you press to put numbers on the calculaters screen.

Who still uses the abacus today?

I think Chinese do...

What is an abacist?

An abacist is either someone who calculates, or someone who uses an abacus while calculating.

Which country invented the abacus?

China invented the abacus .

Where is the spring on page 14 of i spy mystery book?

On the abacus.

Did the Romans use calculating tools?

Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.Yes, they used the abacus.

What is the history of the abacus?

the history about the abacus is that 3000 years ago the chinese invented the abacus. The abacus was made of wood parrelel rod and beads.

How do you say abacus in Hindi?


Disadvantage of an abacus?

disadvantage of abacus

How did the abacus occur?

How did the abacus occur?

Who discovered abacus?

who discover abacus

What was the first abacus?

The Chinese abacus

What does an abacus have?

An Abacus has beads and strings.

What are abacus?

Abacus is the first counting machine!

Who invnted abacus?

the Chinese invented the abacus

What was the next comp after abacus?

The abacus II!

Who was the invenor of the abacus?

the invenor of the abacus is the invenor of me

Abacus were is it from?

The First appearance of an abacus was in Sumeria around 2700 to 2300 BC.

What is an abacus?

An abacus is a counting device that uses beads on a table or string that represent numbers. The device is divided into columns, each column representing a multiple of 10 (x10, x100, x1000 etc.) and each column has 10 beads in it. This enables numbers to be formed by rearranging the beads, this means that simple and complex arithmetic can be performed on the abacus. The abacus was invented around 2,700-2,300 BCE, by the Sumerians (Mesopotamia) ; that makes the invention about 4,400 years old

What is the antonym for an abacus?

the antonym for abacus is future calculator

Which country developed the abacus?

China invented the Abacus.

How does an abacus help you with math?

An Abacus can be used as a calculator.

Who founded the ABACUS?

The Sumarian abacus appeared as early as 2700 BC, The ancient Egyptians and the Persians also used the abacus

What is the full name of abacus?

The full name of an abacus is an abacus. It is a calculating tool. people also refer to them as counting frames.

What two types of abaci were directly derived from the Chinese abacus?

Roman abacus and Japanese abacus