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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What did Wolf find was the reason for Roseto's outlier status?
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What is the wolf's survival status?

The gray wolf is listed as a species of least concern.

What is the federal status of the gray wolf?

The gray wolf is listed as Least Concern by the IUCN.

Is the arctic wolf endangered or threatened?

No. Its conservation status is "Least Concern"

Should the federal government change the status of the gray wolf?


Is the Arctic wolf endangered?

No, the IUCN has them at "Least concern" status. However, the Red Wolf Canis Rufus IS extremely threatened/endangeredA race of the gray wolf, the arctic or tundra wolf is not endangered.

Is the wolf endangered or extinct?

The gray wolf is neither endangered nor extinct. [IUCN 3.1 conservation status: Least Concern.]

What are the wolf's current status in the wild?

The Gray wolf (most common) is not a concern, as far as being endangered. It depends. While some species of wolf are least concern others are critically endangered.

What is the main reason why gray wolf is an endangered species?

The gray wolf is not an endangered species. Listed as least concern by the IUCN.

What is the reason that gray wolves are endangered?

The gray wolf, Canis Lupus, is not an endangered species, but is listed as "Least Concern", by the IUCN. But, some subspecies are in trouble, such as the Mexican wolf, and Ethiopian wolf.

Why did all the other animals chase a second wolf?

One reason the other animals may have chased a second wolf is because it was weaker than the first wolf. If the other animals thought they could overtake the second wolf they would.

Do wolves attack wolves?

It depends on the status, pack and ranking of another wolf. Wolves in the same pack are less likely to attack one another than another wolf in another pack.

What is the red wolf's present status?

They are currently protected, so... No hunting please. ^.^

In a dream i had i was a wolf murdering for no reason... what does this mean?

A wolf in a dream represents an untamed aspect or instinct from the unconscious. Usually, the dreamer is required to befriend the wolf, and integrated this untamed aspect into the individual's day to day personality.

What is the use of a wolf?

So you can hear them and see them and wonder. God created them for a reason.

What pollution affects the gray wolf?

High speed lead pollution is the cause of the status of the grey wolf. Farmes and hunters shooting these animals for pelts, sport and fear of animal theft is what caused much of their problem.

If the red wolf is Canis rufus what is the scientific name for a black wolf?

The red wolf is a species however there is no such species as a black wolf, therefore no scientific name. But as 'rufus' is latin for red, I guess the latin word for 'black' would be used in the 'Black Wolf' Species' scientific name.

Why are gray wolves an endangered species?

Since the wolf has few natural enemies, the reason for its endangerment status is due to human related problems. Man has encroached upon its territory until the wolf has retreated to only the most wild areas on our continent. The loss of habitat has directly affected the numbers of wolves seen in the lower 48 states of America. The wolf is the only animal that has ever been hunted year-round in every national park in the United States.

How old does wolves get?

In zoos a wolf can live to be up to 16 years old. In the wild it can be up to 13 years or maybe more. But the wolf usually lives to be around 8 and then it dies. The record wolf lifespan is about 20 years of age. The reason the wolf dies at eight is probably because life is really hard in the wild. Another reason might be because of all the poison in its blood from the food it eats or from traps and the wounds it gets from them. In captivity the wolf gets to be older because they are safe from the outside dangers of traps, snares, enemies and poisons.

Why does the new moon wolf pack have tattoos?

Because those books make no sense. There is no reason.

Why is the wolf extinct?

Because people shoot them for no reason.

Does Amaterasu appear in wolf form in Japanese mythology?

Amaterasu isn't a wolf in mythology,she appears in a human form.Amaterasu being a wolf in Okami was actually a pun, because there are two ways of translating her name, "Wolf goddess" and "sun goddess". I'm not too sure if the translation is right though. It actually attracts more players to the game,Amaterasu being a wolf,so I guess this is another reason she appears as a wolf.

How did Jello Die in wolf pack?

Jello steal Miyax food and the wolf pack turned on him it should be on page 121 because there is no room in the wolf society for a animal who cannot contribute.The reason why he steal their food is because he is not a strong wolf that can't survive on his own. Thank you for reading this i hope i helped ^^ Hope we helped.

What has the author Wendy Wolf written?

Wendy Wolf has written: 'Juvenile law' -- subject(s): Juvenile courts, Defense (Criminal procedure), Trial practice, Juvenile delinquents, Administration of Juvenile justice, Legal status, laws

Are Mexican wolves poached?

Yes, they are poached. Poaching of the Mexican Wolf is the reason they went extinct in the wild.

What does it mean when you see a white wolf and then it disappears?

Tonight my husband and I saw a white wolf outside our home, we went to go look for it, and it was no longer there. Me being Apache I know that the wolf wasn't outside my house for no reason, that every thing happens with a purpose. I too will like to know the connection.