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D= Speed x Time

Then you convert 120km/hr to m/s depends in wich unifs you want them

120/hr to m/s it's 33.3 m/s and then 30min to seconds it's 1800

D= 33.3m/s(1800s)

D= 59940m

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60 km

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Q: What distance will be traveled if you were going 120km per hour for 30 minutes?
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What distance will be traveled if you are going 120km hr for 30 min?

60 km.

What distance will be traveled if you ae going 120kmhr for 30 minutes?

30 minutes is half an hour.120 KMH for half an hour=60 km

What is the driving distance between Toronto and Sarnia?

It's actually 2 1/2 hours going about 120km.

What distance will be traveled if you are going 120 km hr for 30 min?

(120 km/hour) x (1/2 hour) = 60 km

How does time affect the distance traveled by the body?

The time does affect the distance traveled because the longer you allow something to go, the farther its going to go. the other way around would be the longer you let it to, the longer its going to take. So time DOES affect the distance traveled.

What distance will be traveled if you are going 120km for 3 min?

The measure of 120 km is not a measure of velocity, so that the question is wrongly formulated. I assume that the right measure for velocity is 120 km/h. In this case in 3 min (that are 1/20 of an hour) the considered object travels 6 km.

How far did a train travel if it was going 80 mph and traveled for 2 hours and 15 minutes?

The train traveled 180 miles.

How far has a plane traveled going 200 mph for 30 minutes?

100 miles.

A car traveled 16 miles in 30 minutes How fast is it going?

32 MPH

If you are drivingfor 105 minutes how fast are you going if you traveled 288 miles?

ruffly 168mph

How many miles are traveled if a car is going 30 mph for 45 minutes?

20.25 miles

What distance will be traveled if your are going 120 km per hour for 30 minutes?

30 min = half an hour (60/2) so half of 120 km = 60 km

What distance is traveled by a police car that moves at a constant speed of 1.5km in 5.0 minutes?

I am going to assume you meant a constant speed of 1.5km/min. speed = distance/time distance = speed x time = 1.5km/min x 5.0min = 7.5km

Car traveled 50.4 miles in 1 hour and 12 minutes. How fast was it going?

41.66 mph

If you are driving for 55 minutes how fast are you going if you traveled 75 miles?

81.82 miles per hour.

What is an object that has traveled a certain distance but has no velocity?

a car or any automotive going in circles, it has no direction 8)

What will be the odometer at 36266 after the car has traveled an additional hour?

It will have the distance traveled in that hour added on, unless the care was going backwards. The time taken has nothing to do with odometer readings.

What would be the time if 143 miles is traveled in a boat going 130 miles per hour?

66 minutes

How many minutes is 85 miles?

To determine how many minutes it takes to travel 85 miles, you need to know how fast you are going, for example if you were going at 85 mph, you would go 85 miles in one hour, but if you were going at 42.5 mph, it would take you 2 hours to travel the same distance. Please post what speed/rate is being traveled at, and then this problem can be solved.

If a person traveled 3 km in 20 minutes how fast were they going in km?

3km in 20 minutes, therefore in 60 minutes (1 hour) you will travel 9km {(3 x 60)/20}

How much walking distance is 23 minutes?

That depends on how fast you are going to be walking.

How many miles you travel at 60mph?

The answer would very depending on how long you drive at 60mph. The reason is simply that the mph stands for mile per hour, which means you go a particular speed in a particular amount of time... without knowing the speed And the time the amount of miles traveled or time elapsed going a distance is unkown. However, I'll put a few examples here for various times. 60mph is 1 mile per 1 minute (as there are 60min in an hour), so at this speed, whatever amount of time traveled (in minutes) is equal to the amount of miles traveled (see below). 60mph for 1 minutes: 1 mile traveled 60mph for 5 minutes: 5 miles traveled 60mph for 10 minutes: 10 miles traveled 60mph for 15 minutes: 15 miles traveled 60mph for 30 minutes: 30 miles traveled 60mph for 60min/1hr: 60 miles

A car traveled 18.5 miles in fifteen minutes how fast was the car going?

Just divide 18.5 by 15! Gosh, lazy!!!

You traveled 542 miles in 12 hours and 37 minutes how fast were you going?

542 miles in 12 hours and 37 minutes equates to an average speed of 42.96 miles per hour.

How much time does one space trip take?

It depends on the distance traveled, what the puropose of the trip is, and where you are going. Please rephrase you question for a more specific answer.