What do the terms daily and seasonal mean?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Sophie Gunn

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Daily - One a day.

Seasonal - One a season, or 4 times a year.

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Michael Scalise

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Q: What do the terms daily and seasonal mean?
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Does od mean once daily in medication terms?

Yes it does. od means once daily while bid means twice daily

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What does red top mean in media terms?

It means the tabloids - Daily Mirror etc.

Seasonal daily monthly all describe isolation that can be termed what?


What does SEER mean in air conditioning terms?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, For the definition of how it is calculated. Go to Energy or do a Google search on SEER.

What does functional mean in medical terms?

Functional in medical terms means related to normal physiological processes or related to activities of daily living.

What does seasonal rainfall mean?

What is seasonal rainfall? Well, what is it? It's meaning is exactly as it sounds. Seasonal Rainfall: Amount of Rainfall in each season. As simple as that. :D

What are some daily and seasonal winds?

Daily Winds include; Sea Breezes (onshore winds when land warms up). Katabatic winds (or 'land breeze' - the opposite - at night). Seasonal winds include Hurricanes, Tornado's and the 'El Ninjo' storms of the US pacific coast.

What does seasonal changes mean?

this means that the earth has seasons

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What causes Fluctuations of Solar energy over a given geographic area?

experiences fluctuations on a seasonal and daily basis.