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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What does whole number dimension mean?
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Related questions

In math what does the word multiple mean?

It mean the product of a given whole number and another whole number.

What is 7675875870 to the nearest whole number what is the mean?

7675875870 itself is a whole number. A mean is an average, a single number is the mean or has no mean however you look at it.

The opposite of any whole number is not a whole number?

What exactly do you mean when you say "the opposite of a whole number" . . .

What deos whole number mean?

A whole number is a number that has no fractions or decimal places attached to it. 21 is a whole number. 3.75 is not.

What does9.24 mean in a whole number?

It means nothing because it is not a whole number.

What is the whole answer to pi?

If you mean the whole number, it is 3

What do you mean by 'whole number are closed under addition'?

The sum of any two whole numbers is a whole number.

What is the formula for number wise bearing dimension?

How i can know a bearing number from bearing dimension.

If 63 is 90 of the whole what is the whole?

If you mean 90% of the whole number then the number is 70 because 90% of 70 is 63

What do you do when finding the mean and the number has a remainder?

You incorporate the fractional remainder into the mean. The mean does not have to be a whole number.

What is 0.42 estimated to the whole number?

Assuming you mean rounded to a whole number the answer is zero (0)

What does a divisibility mean?

It means that the whole number can be divided by aanother whole number without a reminder

What does a line over a whole number mean?

A line over a whole number means that number repeats for an infinite number of times.

Is a whole number is a rational number?

you mean is a whole number a rational number? and yes it is and rational number. Any number that can be put in a fraction is a rational number

The first whole number is the number one?

Hey first try to be clear. What do you mean? The first whole number is 0.

What is a Betti number?

A Betti number is a number associated to each topological space and dimension, giving an approximate number of holes of that dimension in that space.

What does whole number of inches mean?

It is a number of inches where that number is an integer.

Is 2 1517 an integer?

If you mean 21517 then it is an integer because it is a whole number. If you mean 2.1517 then it is not an integer because it is not a whole number.

if your number is an rational number does that mean its a whole number,integer, and a natrual number?

Yes. All whole number, integer and natural number and even fractions and decimals are rational numbers

What does dimension mean in maths?

a dimension is lengh, width, and height

Who discovered the fourth dimension?

eIt depends on what you mean. The fourth dimension can mean time. It's quite obvious who discovered time... If you mean the fourth spatial dimension, then the reality is that nobody has discovered it. It's rather an abstract mathematical concept. There might be parallel universes that have four (or any other number, for that matter) of dimensions, but that's another story entirely.

What was the significance of the airplane?

they brought a whole new dimension to aeronautical combat

How do you find dimension in calculus?

Dimension is = the number of variables used in the equation

What is the nearest whole number to 72?

The nearest whole number to 72 is 72. Or perhaps you mean, 71 and 73.

Is the statement true if a number is not a natural number then it is not a whole number true?

That depends - unfortunately, "whole number" is ambiguous, and can mean different things to different people. If by "whole number" you mean "natural number", then both are of course the same. If you choose to include negative numbers in your definition of "whole number", i.e., whole numbers = integers, then the two sets are not the same, and the proposed statement is false.