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there are plenty




and more

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Q: What equations equal 23?
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What two numbers multiplied equal negative -23 and added together equal 13?


Is it possible to find three unknowns with two equations if the two equations are equal?

No i believe that with three unknowns you must have three equal equations. Hope this helps! -dancinggirl25

What are two equations that have the same solution?

equal equations.

Equations show each side is equal as far as the number of atoms and molecules?

Equations that show each side is equal as far as the number of atoms and molecules are called balanced equations. These equations are written representations of a chemical reaction.

Do expressions have an equal sign in math?

No they do not, equations have equal signs.

What is the sign for equations?

Its the Equal sign =

How are linear inequalitys differant from linear equations?

Inequalities have greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, or less than or equal to signs. Equations have an equal sign.

What is the difference between algebra equations and expressions?

expressions don't have an equal sign and equations do

What is a system of equations that equals -3 and 7?

Systems of equations don't equal numbers.

How are equations and inequalities different?

Equations have and can only have a = Inequalities have <, >, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, or =

When can two equations be equal?

Two equations are equal when the result of the functions of the numbers and variables of one equation match the results of the other equation.

How are math expressions and math equations the same?

They are the same except equations use the equal sign =

Do equations always have equal signs?


What equations equal 32?


What are equations that are not equal called?

Statements in which the two sides are not equal are called inequalities.

How are equations and expressions different?

An expession has NO equal sign, a equation are to amounts that are equal

Is addition and subtraction examples of equations?

Addition and subtraction are mathematical processes. They can be used in equations, which are statements that the values of two mathematical expressions are equal, but they are not equations by themselves.

Is 23 equal to 912?

23 is not equal to 912. 2/3 is not equal to 9/12.

Why should chemical equations be balanced?

chemical equations should be balanced as an equation should have its rhs and lhs equal.

What is an algebraic method?

When you combine to equations and you find if they are equal or not

Challenging math equations that equal 100?


What is -23 plus 16 equal to?

-23+16 is equal to -7.

What is the meaning of equations?

"Equations" is the plural form of "equation". An "equation" is a mathematical statement that two expressions are equal.

What is equal to 23?

23 in fraction = 23/1

Solve the following system of equations using sustitution x6y-4 x-2y 28?

To solve a system of equations, you need equations (number phrases with equal signs).