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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What graph the Function f(x)=( square root of ) x+5 And include 4 points?
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A value is in the domain of a function if there is a what on the graph of the function at that x-value?


How can you tell if a graph sHow is a function?

Test it by the vertical line test. That is, if a vertical line passes through the two points of the graph, this graph is not the graph of a function.

How can you tell if a graph is a function?

The vertical line test can be used to determine if a graph is a function. If two points in a graph are connected with the help of a vertical line, it is not a function. If it cannot be connected, it is a function.

How do you determine whether a graph of a mathematical relationship is a function?

If a vertical line, within the domain of the function, intersects the graph in more than one points, it is not a function.

What points lies on the graph of the function y equals 4x?

Since there are no "following" points, none of them.

The points on a line graph not always connected because?

The function is not continuous.

How do you determine weather the graph represent a function?

The "vertical line test" will tell you if it is a function or not. The graph is not a function if it is possible to draw a vertical line through two points.

When the points on a graph tend to go downward from left to right you say they indicate what?

They mean the graph/function is decreasing.

How do you graph trigonometric functions?

You find the average rate of change of the function. That gives you the derivative on different points of the graph.

What do the zeros of a polynomial function represent on a graph?

The zeros of a polynomial represent the points at which the graph crosses (or touches) the x-axis.

Why do we set the denominator to zero to graph a rational function?

We set the denominator to zero to find the singularities: points where the graph is undefined.

How are the real solutions of a quadratic equation related to the graph of the quadratic function?

The real solutions are the points at which the graph of the function crosses the x-axis. If the graph never crosses the x-axis, then the solutions are imaginary.

How do you draw a graph of a relation that is not a function?

A graph that is not a function, fails the vertical line test. You can draw it by connected all ordered pair of points in a rectangular coordinate system.

If the parents function is y4x which is the function of the graph?

The function y = x is the graph that passes from the points (-1, -1), (0, 0), and (1, 1) The function y = 4x is the graph that passes form the points (-1, -4), (0, 0), and (1, 4) Sketch these graphs in a same x and y coordinate system, and you can see both of them

What do you call a function whose graph is a non-vertical line?

It is a function. If the graph contains at least two points on the same vertical line, then it is not a function. This is called the vertical line test.

How do you graph the slope of a function?

For example, if the slope at a certain point is 1.5, you can draw a line that goes through the specified point, with that slope. The line would represent the slope at that point. If you want to graph the slope at ALL POINTS, take the derivative of the function, and graph the derivative. The derivative shows the slope of a function at all points.

What is a square root function whose graph is in quadrant 4?

doesn't exist

How do you graph linear functions?

A linear function is called "linear" because it represents a straight line. To graph a linear function, find two points that satisify that function, plot them, and then draw a straight line between them.

What term describes a function whose graph is composed of isolated points?

A graph that has isolated points is discontinues if isolated means that a point is plotted say a but the limit as f(x) approaches a does not equal a

What is y equals 3x?

I don't understand your question but y=3x is the function of a graph, to graph the function you would plug points into the function such as x=0, x=1, x=-1 and you would find the y values at each point so that you can graph it. In this case the graph is a parabola which has a u shape.

Is a circle graph a function?

No, a circle graph is never a function.

How do you graph points?

To graph points, use rise over run and go up and over on the graph

What is a Cartesian graph and what does it represent?

A cartesian graph is a graph in which y is some function of x. This is the 'normal' type in which you can give an x and y coordinate. Other types include polar in which modulus is a function of argument, but there are loads of varieties and forms.

How do you know when a graph is not a function?

A function cannot have any value of x mapped to more than one vaue of y. So, if any line parallel to the y-axis meets the graph at more than 1 points it is not a function.

What is the line graph in which the data points do not fallalong a straight line?

A non-linear graph. It could be a polynomial (of a degree greater than 1), a power function, a logarithmic or trigonometric graph. In fact any mathematical function other than a linear equation.