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17.72 inches.

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Micaela Wilkinson

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โˆ™ 2021-09-20 18:39:09
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Sit Shao yu edison (...

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17.7165 inches

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Ivy Claire Basilan

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Q: What is 45cm in inches?
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How big is 45cm.?

It is about 18 inches

What is 45 cm in to feet and inches?

45cm = 1 foot 523⁄32 inches.

How tall is 45cm?

About knee high. That is about 17.71 inches

How many feet and inches are in 45 centimeters?

45cm is 1 foot 5.72 inches.

What is the maximum length of parallel ATA cable?

18 inches (45cm)

How foot 45 cm?

45cm is 1 foot 5.72 inches.

How big is 18 inch?

18 inches is 11/2 feet or about 45cm.

What is the size of a blue tongue skink?

The Blue-tongued Skink can grow to around 17 inches (45cm) in length.

How long is the spinal cord?

An adult male has a spinal cord roughly 45cm in length. An adult woman has a spinal cord roughly 43 inches in length.

What is the height of a three toed sloth in inches?

3 toed sloths are approximately 45cm tall including their head. This means that they are roughly the size of a small dog

What is the height of the Amur leopard?


Size of a basketball ring?


How much is 450mm in cm?


How much is 18 in in cm?


How long is 45cm in metres?


How big are kingfishers?

The smallest species of kingfisher, the African Dwarf Kingfisher, is 4 inches (10cm) long. The largest kingfisher is the Giant Kingfisher which is 18 inches (45cm) long. If you need a certain species, just look it up.

How many cm equals 450mm?


How long is an adult giraffe's tongue?

it about 45cm/18in

The average size of an hens egg?


How long is a German shepherds tail?

40- 45cm

How much meters are in 45 centimeters?

0.45m = 45cm

How many more do you add to 45cm to make 1 meter?

1 meter = 100 cmTherefore 55cm + 45cm = 100cm

45 cm equals how many inches?

Inch and cm are used for measuring the distances. To convert the centimeters to inch we have to multiply the cm unit to 0.393701. This will convert the distance from cm to inch. The answer to the above question is 17.1 inches(approximately).

How many cenimeterrs in 18inches?

45cm (2.5 centimetres in an inch)

How big will bull terrier get?

45cm(18in) and 33kg(72lbs)

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