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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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What is the name of Steve on minecraft's name

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Q: What is 50 to the highest power if I'm even saying it right?
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What is evilness?

When certain humans go out of their way to inflict emotional and physical pain on others (even kill) without provocation. Power sometimes can be evil if the power is not used right. You've heard the old saying "Money is the root of all evil" and it certainly is!

Why did Koreans come to Texas?

the real question is, why are you even asking this? are you saying Koreans don't have the right to immigrate?

Might is right moral story?

might is right is to have the power to do anything and thinking it will be the right thing to do by killing or removing that person or the one who has more power even if he was an unknown person with low profile!!

What does this saying stand for when it comes to chocolate resistance is futile?

It means you can't resist it, even if you try to your will power will fail! XX

Most medieval people are serfs with no power even over their own lives. what one fundamental right did they enjoy?

they had the right to living on the manor and to the farm even though they were considered at the very bottom of the feudal pyramid.

Can you only get pregnant if he comes inside of you?

That would be the highest chance/risk of getting pregnant, but you can get pregnant even if he pulls out, or if he comes right on your vagina.

Who is given the right to make decisions as a result of a durable power of attorney?

any person even you

What does stand up for what you believe in even if your standing alone mean?

It is generally a christain saying, meaning, stand up for what is right even if your the only standing up for it,, like don't give into peir pressure

How power can be negative?

For example (-1) to the power of 3 is (-1)*(-1)*(-1) = -1.You are right that x to the power of y will never be negative if y is an even number.

How was Louis XIV able to maintain absolute power?

Louis xiv maintained his authority by saying his power came from God, he also distracted the nobles of France with courtlife: parties, chatting, hunting, and even sex. He kept an eye on them by having them watch him do everything, even have sex with his wife.

How do you ascertain the influence of mind power used against a girl?

the highest level of mind power is a love potion of high potency even one without knowing. but if one abuses it one will have an enemy: "Karma"- The Karmic energy...

What effect did the compromise of 1850 have on slavery?

The Compromise of 1850 make America terrible. It opened our eyes to slavery. If America didn't have slaves we wouldn't even be half as far along as we are now. Im not saying slavery was right, but Im not saying it was bad for America.

This gives Congress the right to make all necessary and proper laws?

This clause is called the elastic clause. Obviously, the Framers of the Constitution could not include every single power Congress had, for that would be infinite, but by saying this, they can allow Congress to make anything that will help the nation as a whole, even if it is not specifically given to them in the list of powers.

What are the best powers for dc universe online?

Any power can do the most damage in the right hands - honestly, even earth.

What rights did Romans have?

The Romans had a great deal of power . we can even say that they were supreme. They had lots of power over Jews, especially. They had the right to raise taxes, make a man carry their pack for a whole mile, and they had the right to make laws.

Is thirty-five a even number?

From what I am saying no 35 is not an even number.

What is the highest land parts of the earth?

The highest parts are mountains, valleys and even volcanoes

Could you tell me motto?

A motto is a saying that you go by in your life. Example: "Even though you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there" Is another example of a motto.

You like your friend but he is not gay?

You move on. Keep your friendship with him even if it is hard and trust me it is... You will find someone in the down the road someday that is right for you. Like the saying "there are other fish in the sea"

If I am in a fight I would try to be the strong one and say sorry even if it is not your fault. Saying a simple sorry is better then living with the fact that your in a fight.?

your right it worked

Which planet has the highest temperature?

Venus has the highest surface temperature, even hotter than Mercury.

Why is it cat in the saying cat got your tongue?

Cats have been known to jump onto a baby right after feeding and either lick the baby's mouth and tongue or even eat the tongue.

What is the highest peak of China?

K2 is the highest mountain in china even though mt Everest in the highest mountain in china K2 in the biggest

How was apartheid used in south africa?

Whites have all the power, asians had limited rights, then there were the colored, which had even more restricted rights, and the blacks had the least power and right, and could not vote at all.

Describe the due process of law?

The due process of law means that if you commit or is suspected of a crime, you will be judged by your peers, and a verdict arrived at. You then have the right of appeal, even to the highest court of the land.