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Q: What is one fifth times four fifths?
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Related questions

What is one fifth times 4?

Four fifths.

What is four fifth's times two?

four fifth's times two is eight fifths (8/5) which is the same as one and three fifths (1 3/5)

How do you add one-fifth 4 times?

It is four fifths.

What is twenty four fifths times seven thirds?

Twenty-four fifths times seven thirds = eleven and one fifth (11 1/5).

How much is one fifth plus three fifths?

four fifths

Four fifths take away one fifth?

Three fifths

Does 1 fifth and 4 fifths make a whole?

One-fifth and four-fifths makes a whole.

What is one and three fifths plus two and one fifth?

Three and four-fifths

What is four fifths multiplied by 4?

Sixteen fifths or 3 and one fifth.

Is four fifths equivalent to five fifths?

no four fifths is one fifth less than five fifths

What is one fifth plus three fifths?

four fifths

What is Four fifths divided by 4?

One fifth !

What is two and two fifths plus four and one fifth?

six and three-fifths

What s four tenths minus one fifths?

one fifth

What is six and one fifth minus two and four fifths?

3.4 or three and two fifths

What is two times one-fifth?

two fifths

What is one fifth times two?

two fifths

What four fifths of nine?

7 and one fifth or 7.2

What is one fifth plus two fifths?

One fifth PLUS two fifths = 3 fifths

If four-fifths of a number is sixteen what is one-fifth of the number?

4 is.

Is four twenty-fifths equivalent to one fifth?


What is four fifths times one and two thirds times one and one eighths?

Four fifths times one and two thirds times one and one eighth = 1 1/2 or 1.5

What is one minus one fifth?

Subtracting one fifth from one gives 1 - 1/5 = 4/5, or four fifths.

Is 8and four fifths greater than 8and one fifth?


What is two fifths divided by one fifth?

Two fifths divided by one fifth is two.

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