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A 2-d shape is a two dimensional shape meaning it is flat.

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Q: What is "shape's " meaning?
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What is the medical term meaning occurring in or having many shapes?

Polymorphic means having many shapes.

What is the stamps shapes meaning's for e.g. the circular - rectangular - oval shape all this shape does it have a certain meaning?


What is the medical term meaning study of forms?

Morphology is the medical term meaning study of shapes and forms.

What is the meaning for three dimensional shapes?

You know how 2-dimensional shapes are flat right? Well 3-dimensional means that it can go to and from you also.

Do cloud shapes have meaning?

They do if their Chemtrails, caution poison chemicals overhead

How many animal shapes are in a box of animal crackers?

If it shows the animal shapes on the box, then count how many different ones there are. If there are non then it usually there are only 2 of each animal meaning a lot of shapes

What is the meaning of a word tesselation?

a tesselation is a group of shapes that is put togeter with no spacing.

What is the correlation between the 3 primary shapes and the 3 primary colors?

The three colors and shapes come from the ancient Hebrew text Kabbala. Each shapes represents something different and has direct affiliation to a specific body part. The colors themselves actually come from the meaning of the shapes and their context.

What is the meaning of color context?

the way colour behaves in relation to other colours and shapes

The meaning of the 3d shape tripod?

A 3d shape is a forms of shapes that have length , width and death of thickness.

What is the meaning of Cerebellums?

they are a sweet. 'ums' is a short word for 'mmm'. the sweets are recognised by the familiar bell shapes.

What is the medical term meaning study of shapes of cells?


What is the meaning of cloud provider?

the meaning of cloud provider is a machine in southern west azerbaijan which uses different chemicals and gases to create cloud like shapes which get let out in the atmosphere.

What are 2D shapes?

2d shapes are shapes that can only be seen from the front unlike 3d shapes and they are flat

How are organic shapes different from geomictric shapes?

Organic shapes are shapes with a natural look and a flowing and curving appearance.

Meaning of 3-D shapes?

a shape that you can see from diffrent points of view and it wont be some flat object or resource

What is the meaning for pasta?

it is a itailain dish , that is made up of meat sauce and a pastry that can be made in different shapes. it is a traditional dish !

What detremines General meaning of a sign in all weather conditions?


What are shapes in Design?

What are Shapes in Design?Shapes are a basic element of design. They are made up of closed contours and three dimensional objects placed in the design. Shapes are used to convey meaning and organize information. Shapes can be 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional.There are three basic types of shapes:· geometric shapes· natural shapes· abstract shapesUse of Shapes in Design:Shapes in design can be used in many ways:· add interest to a design· sustain interest· organize or separate elements· direct the eye through the designGeometric Shapes:Geometric shapes are what most people think of when they think of shapes. Most geometric shapes are created through layout and CSS. Some common geometric shapes you see on Web pages are:· squares and rectangles· circles· triangles· diamondsNatural Shapes:Natural shapes are shapes that are found in nature, but they are also shapes of man-made items. Most natural shapes in Web pages are created with images. Some examples of natural shapes are:· leaves· puddlesAbstract Shapes:Abstract shapes are those that have a recognizable form but are not "real" in the same way that natural shapes are. For example, a stick-figure drawing of a dog is an abstract dog shape, but another dog in a photo is a natural shape. Abstract shapes in designs are usually added through images. Some examples of abstract shapes are:· alphabet glyphs· symbols

What are the 2 type of shapes?

The 2 types of shapes are the geometric shapes and the organic shapes. Geometric shapes are ones that can be described using mathematical formulas. They also have specific math names. Geometric shapes: Circle, Square, Rectangle, Triangle, etc. Organic shapes are irregular and uneven.

What shapes does not directly exist in PowerPoint?

The shapes that do not directly exist are very few. There are mostly all the shapes in Shapes column in insert.

What are similarities of congruent shapes and similar shapes?

The angles for congruent shapes and the angles in similar shapes are all the same. All the sides are also proportional in both. Basically, all congruent shapes are similar but not all similar shapes are congruent.

What shapes tessellate?

All shapes

Sides that shapes have?

They are the boundaries of the shapes.

How are a regular shapes and a irregular shapes alike?


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