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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is the maximum run size of 10:1 can per 1/3 optilock tray 6,9,12, 16?
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What size socket is primarily used for tray work?


How many cups of ice are in tray of ice cubes?

Depends on the tray and the size of the cubes. Can't really answer without more specifics. soniczev

What is the price of eggs in Texas?

ABout $2.00 per tray; and depends on size of egg.

Is stacking of cables in cable tray permitted?

See NEC Article 392. It depends on the voltage, conductor size and the type of cable tray selected.

Meaning of tray service?

is a service where in the food are served in a row of tray in a long table and attendants or guests help themselves whatever size of portion they want

What is the standard size for the printed tray card that is the CD's front cover?

4.724 by 4.724 inches for the main printed tray card Album/CD/DVD cover.

Why do you have to read a recipe carefully?

Because occasionally you will get a recipe wrong, whether its the serving size, the temperature, or even the pan/tray size!

How do you calculate size of the cable tray based on the sizes of the conductors?

The width of the cable tray is determined by the size of the cable to be installed into the duct system plus the total insulation needed to meet regulation 392.80(A)(2)(d) UL standards.

how much weight can this take?

There is no listed maximum weight that this can hold, but it is made of steel and is very sturdy. The tray is intended for 20 dumbbells.

What is the plural of tray?

Trays is the plural of tray.

How many milliliters is in an ice cube?

Depends on the size of your ice tray -measure it for us and try again.

What is the size of an ice cube?

Size is irrelevant. An ice cube can be any size, so long as it is frozen from a liquid state in its container (remember, liquids fill their containers). However, a standard-size ice cube from a tray is 1.2 cubic inches (roughly--the cubes usually slope slightly, changing their volume). Also, their size depends on how much water you place in the tray before freezing.

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