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1.Minute is a unit of measurement of time.

2.minute is also a unit used to measure angles.

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Q: What is the the meaning of minute?
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What is Meaning of lyrics minute by minute?

time by time

What does min mean?

min means Minute Min can also mean Minute meaning small. Another meaning can be minimum. The lowest amount of something.

Words such as minute meaning 60 seconds and minute meaning tiny are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings are pronunciations how are these words are called?


How do you spell minute meaning small?

The same way as you do minute. It's the pronunciation of it that makes the difference.

Is there any adjectives meaning with Very Small?


How do you spell minute meaning little?

Just as you have spelt it.

How do you spell minute meaning time?

The word meaning "a unit of time" is spelt as you have in the question.

How do you spell the word minoot meaning small?

It is spelled minute. This is confusing to some people because it is the same spelling as the word minute meaning sixty seconds. Minute means extremely small like in size or amount.

What rhymes with minute?

Pin it, spin it, win it. * * * * * There are two pronunciations of minute. The one above refers to minute as a measure of time. But there is also minute, meaning very small. That rhymes with dilute.

What is RPM of an engine meaning?

Revolutions Per Minute ( RPM )

Are there any adjectives meaning very small?

Tiny, minute, ...

'j'ai fini entrer dans une minute'?

The literal meaning of the French phrase j'ai fini entrer dans une minute' is "I finally enter in a minute". Essentially, it means, "I will be there in a minute" in English.

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