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The width of a river will generally be measured in feet or meters, depending on if you use Imperial or Metric.

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Q: What measurement is used to measure the width of a river?
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To measure the width of bed, the unit meter can be used. It can also be measured in feet and inches.

What measurement is used to measure dogs?

That depends what you want to measure: length, width, volume, weight, mass, density, etc.

What is a millimeter used to measure?

Millimeters is the metric unit for measurement of length or distance. The mm is 1/10 the size of a cm. It is commonly used to measure the width of glass lenses.

What type of measurement would be useful for measure the length of a river?

You can use a satellite to measure the length of a river.I guess using satellite is the only option today to measure the length of river.The unit miles is used to measure the length of the river.

What is a palm measurement?

the width of an average mans's hand it's now used to measure horses... the measurement is form 10cm-15cm...

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what is the measurement is used to measure fluid

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A ruler or tape measure would commonly be used to measure the width of a book.

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you use a tape measure to find the middle again and then get a flow meter and stand behind it so it can take the measurement that's how

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Meter is used in finding the width of the blackboard.

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What are four items used for measurement?

There are several tools used for measurement. Rulers are used to measure inches and centimeters. Scales are used to measure weight. Measuring cups are used to measure cups and ounces. Measuring spoons are used to measure teaspoons and tablespoons.

What unit of measurement is used to measure the width of a room?

The measurement is almost always carried out using a ruler, yardstick, meterstick, tape measure, surveyor's wheel, laser or acoustic rangefinder. Once the result of the measurement is known, it's usually most convenient to describe it in units of feet or meters.

What unit of measurement you use to measure the width of a chair?

Any unit of length can be used. The most convenient number is probably the result of using inches or centimeters.

How do you convert a measurement into square ft?

You must convert each measurement (length and width) from whatever unit of measurement you have used into feet; then multiply the length (in feet) times the width (in feet). The result will be the area in square feet.

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What unit of measurement would be used to measure the mass of a feather

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The SI unit used to measure the width of the classroom is meters. It is represented as 'm'.

What measurement can be used to measure distance?


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It means to figure out the length and width of a specific item. It can be millimeters, centimeters, inches, feet, yards... Etc... A ruler is used for measuring objects and if the object is circular, you can use a string and mark the measurement on the string to measure it on the ruler.

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The measure is cubic feet.

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