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Q: What note is equal to 4 crochets?
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How many crochets make a minim?

In music, a "minim" is a note played half as long as a whole note. Where a "crochet" is a note played one quarter of a whole note (or seimbreve).

How many crochets are in a semibreve?

Crochet and semibreve are the UK names for notes of different lengths. There are four crochets (quarter notes, in the US) in a semibreve (whole note).

How long is minim rest?

In music thenotes are split in to 4 main lengths, the largest of which is a minim. Next there are crochets, then quavers, then semiquavers (there are also demi-semiquavers but they are uncommon). There are:4 semiquavers in a quaver4 quavers in a crochet4 crochets in a minimSo, to answer you question, a minim rest can be counted as 4 crochets, 8 quavers or 16 semiquavers. The exact length each note lasts really depends on the speed of the piece you're playing.

How many crochets are there in semi breve?

There is 4. Hence is it also referred to as a Quarter Note.

How many crochets are in a brieve?

8 crochets

How many crochets are there in a semibreve?

There are four crochets in a semibreve.

What do 4 16th notes equal?

it equals a quarter note because 2 sixteenth notes equal an eight note so 4 sixteenth notes would equal a quarter note.

What do 4 quavers make?

2 Crochets - 2 whole beats

What do 4 eighth notes equal?

A half note

Explain what a dot after a note does to the value of the note?

A dot beside the note adds one half of the note value to itself. For instance, in 4/4 time a half note equals 2 beats, but with a dot beside the note it would become equal to 3 beats. Another example is a whole note in 4/4 time. The whole note would be equal to 4 beats, but with a dot, it would become equal to 6 beats.

What is equal to 4 quarter notes?

A whole note.

How many quarter notes equal a whole note?

4 beats

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