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Two numbers that multiply to -2 could be -1 and 2 Or -2 and 1.Since -1+2=1, -1 and 2 are the numbers you are looking

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Q: What two numbers equal 1 by multiplying but also equal -2 by adding?
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How is multiplying rational numbers like multiplying fractions and multiplying decimals?

Fractions and decimals are usually rational numbers. Besides, multiplying rational and irrational numbers is also similar.

Why is the sum and product of two rational numbers is rational?

A rational number can be stated in the form a/b where and b are integers. Adding or multiplying such numbers always gives another number that can be expressed in this form also. So it is also rational.

Why do you need the lowest common denominator for adding but not multiplying fractions?

This follows from the way in which addition and multiplication are defined. Addition requires like terms, multiplication does not. Incidentally, "like terms" are also required for adding algebraic terms but not for multiplying.

Multiples of numbers?

adding same numbers or multiplying same numbers is actually the same 2+2+2+2+2+2 = 12 = 6 x 2 12 is a multiple of 2 (6 times) but also a multiple of 3,4 and 6

To calculate sum of 2 numbers?

The sum of two numbers is the result of multiplying those numbers together. It can also be referred to as repetitive addition.

What two numbers equal 300 by multiplying?

There are infinitely many possible answers. The simplest is 1*300 but there are also (-10)*(-30) or (1/3)*900.

How can you find the product of 2.7 times 4.63?

The easiest thing to do would be to simply plug it into a calculator. A "product" is simply the answer you get after multiplying numbers together. You could also do the math by hand by multiplying the two numbers together.

How do you do multiplication whole numbers?

Multiplication is nothing but repeated addition.We multiply whole numbers by referring to their multiplication tables and also by multiplying first the layer digit, then carrying off and then multiplying all the digits successively.

What two numbers when multiplied equal 56 and also can be added to equal 18?


What two numbers equal a negative 364 when multiplied but also equal a positive 12 when subtracted?

The numbers are 26 and -14

What is a calculater used for?

A calculator is used for adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, decimals, or fractions and is also used for a lot of other uses too.

What two numbers when multipled equal 80 and also can add to equal -21?

-5 and -16

What 3 odd numbers equal 112?

There are no numbers that equal 112, except for 112. Also, it's not possible to ADD three odd numbers and get 112 for their sum.

What two numbers when multiplied equal 8 and also can add to equal -9?


What two numbers when multiplied equal 568 and also can be added to equal 79?


What 2 numbers multiply to equal negative 60 and also add to equal 11?

unfactorble i think

What are two prime numbers whose sum is also prime?

2 + 3 = 5 2 + 5 = 7 2+ 11 = 13 2 + 41 = 43 The numbers only work with 2 because adding odd numbers together equals an even number. 2 is the only even prime number and thus adding any other prime numbers together will not equal a prime.

What numbers can you multiply together to equal 36?

+6 and also -6

What two numbers when multiplied equal negative 19 and also can be added to equal 9?


What 2 numbers multiply to equal 4 and also add to equal negative 8?

The numbers are: -4 +square root of 12 and -4 -square root of 12

What two numbers when multiplied equal 30 and also can be added to equal 11?


What 2 numbers multiply to equal negative four and also add to equal negative seven?

They are about: 0.53112887 and -7.53112887

What does semi prime mean?

Semi prime is the number that is obtained after multiplying two prime numbers. It is also known as biprime or pq number.

How do you get the mean in a math problem?

the mean, also known as the average is calculated by adding up all the numbers together then dividing that by how many numbers you added together.

What two numbers give you 18?

9+9+18 also 3x6 also equal 18 : )

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