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one fifty cent piece and a nickel

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Q: What 2 coins make 55 cents but ones not a nickel?
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Did Canada make a copper nickel 5 cents in 2003?

Yes. From 2000 to 2006 the majority of Canadian nickels were struck in plated steel but some were also made from an alloy of 75% copper and 25% nickel. The steel coins will stick to a magnet but the cupronickel ones won't.

What are british coins made out of?

The 'copper' coins are in fact copper-clad steel nowadays, although older ones are bronze. From 2011 5p and 10p coins are in nickel-clad steel, although earlier ones are cupronickel. 20p and 50p coins are minted in two slightly different copper-nickel alloys. Pound coins are in nickel-brass, while two pound coins are in nickel-brass with a cupronickel centre. See the link below for more information

Buffalo Nickel 1937 Value?

In my opinion, this nickel could be worth thousands of dollars or a couple of dollars. The 1937 3-legged Buffalo nickel with a D located under the five cents symbol could be worth $400-$1,000. Perfectly Uncirculated ones could be worth $20,000. These coins are quiet rare and are not produced anymore, meaning they are very rare, these coins are the rarest of all Buffalo coins ever created. The 1937 Buffalo is the only coin with 3 legs, making them rare. If you have one of these coins take them to a pawn shop and figure out how much yours is worth. Have a great day!!!!

What are the names of US coins?

There are currently 6 circulating denominations of US coins, although the 2 largest ones are not used very frequently. Most have nicknames.1 cent; nickname "penny" from the old British usage5 cents; nickname "nickel" because it was the first US coin to have a high nickel content(*)10 cents; officially called a "dime", a name left over from the post-colonial era.25 cents; nickname "a quarter"50 cents; nickname "a half"$1; nickname "a buck"Be careful about the name nickel. Many people erroneously think the coin is spelled "nickle" but that's actually the name of a small songbird! (I am not making this up - you can check a good dictionary)

Are coins ferrous or non ferrous?

Depends, Some countries use steel coins with copper or nickel plating making them ferrous (New Zealand 10,20,50 cent coins for example). Most countries use non ferrous alloys in coins. The usual ones are copper coated zinc for copper coins. Copper-Nickel alloy for silver coins and Aluminium-Copper for gold coloured coins.

What coins rusts?

All coins, even gold and silver, will tarnish, but rust is iron oxide, so only coins with iron in them will rust. The only ones I can think of are the steel 1943 US cents and some European Coins from the WW2 era.

How can 27.31 add up to 4 bills and 3 coins?

A twenty, a five and two ones plus a quarter and a nickel and a penny.

What metal is used to make nickle coins?

US nickels are made of 75% copper and 25% nickel, and have been since they were introduced in 1866. The only ones containing silver are dated 1942-1945.

What is the value of a 1970 US nickel?

Regardless of mint mark any circulated nickels from 1970 are in fact only worth, well, a nickel. as of 02/2010 even uncirculated ones only go for about 20-25 cents at retail, maybe 15 cents wholesale.

How much is a 1955 s wheat penny worth?

In spite of being struck during the last year in which San Francisco was to produce circulating coins until 1968, 1955-S cents are not particularly valuable. In average condition they retail for about a nickel. Uncirculated ones are 35-50¢.

What is the metal used to make a nickel?

A US nickel is an alloy of 25% nickel and 75% silver.Current Canadian nickels are made of plated steel. Older ones are made of pure nickel.

What us mint created the first coins?

The first US Mint was located in Philadelphia. It produced its first general-circulation coins (large cents and half cents) in 1793. Philadelphia was the only US Mint until 1838 when branch mints were opened in Charlotte and Dahlonega GA to mint coins from the gold deposits found there. Other mints followed, and today there are 4 active ones. Philadelphia and Denver make circulation coins, San Francisco makes proof coins for collectors, and West Point makes commemorative and bullion investment coins.