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2 circles, square and rectangle

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Q: What 2 dimensional figures can be used to make a truck?
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Why are square units used when working with a three dimensional figure?

Because the surface areas of 3-d figures are two-dimensional and their measures require square units.Because the surface areas of 3-d figures are two-dimensional and their measures require square units.Because the surface areas of 3-d figures are two-dimensional and their measures require square units.Because the surface areas of 3-d figures are two-dimensional and their measures require square units.

Why are square units used when working with a three-dimensional figure?

Surface area of three dimensional figures are measured in square units whereas their volumes are measured in cubic units

What is a two dimensional object in geometry?

Two dimensional geometry is called "plane geometry" meaning that it occurs on a single surface or plane. The objects used in plane geometry are called plane figures.

Is length basically base?

No. Although for some 2-dimensional figures - some triangles and quadrilaterals - the term may be used in that way.

What is the math definition of a lateral face?

two figures that make a regular rectangle * * * * * Not so. There is no such thing as a regular rectangle. If there were one, it would be a square and not a rectangle. Furthermore, faces are associated with solid (3-dimensional) objects, not plane figures. A face is any one of the 2-dimensional plane boundaries or surfaces of a solid object. Sometimes the term is also used for curved surfaces.

What 2 dimensional shapes are used for a square?

A square is a 2 dimensional shape, but it can be divided into 2 or more triangles, or more smaller squares, or hexagons and triangles, or octagons and triangles, or really any rectilinear figure and triangles. If you mean what two dimensional shapes can compromise the surface of a cube, or rectangular prism, then you want squares. if you mean what 1 dimensional figures can make the perimeter of a square, then you want lines (straight lines).

What data structure should be used to make tables?

Two dimensional arrays.

What 2 dimensional shaps are used to make a sphere?

I know one of them is a circle

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What best describes Henry Ossawa Tanner's approach to painting?

Tanner used expressive brushstrokes to paint figures with a sense of weight and three-dimensional form.

How polygons are used in computers graphics?

Polygons are plane two dimensional figures. Shapes.Graphics are simply shapes combined to represent or display some subject matter

Are used truck caps acceptable for camping?

Yes, used truck caps are acceptable for camping. However, before you purchase a used truck cap, you should make sure there is no structural damage or defects.

Giotto used foreshadowing in order to?

Make his figures look more realistic

Giotto used foreshortening in order to?

make his figures look more realistic.

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Is diamond a plane figure?

Plane refers to single plane ie 2 dimensional figures used for calculation or visual use and are theoeritical as they have no depth or third dimension.

What solid can be made using 2 circles and 1 large rectangle?

Circles and rectangles are plane (2-dimensional) figures, so it doesn't seem that they can be used to construct solids.

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What is the mathematics used in platonic solids?

3 dimensional geometry.3 dimensional geometry.3 dimensional geometry.3 dimensional geometry.

Which statement describes a convention used by Italian Baroque artist Caravaggio in The Conversion of Saint Paul?

cross-hatching to model the figures with light and dark for a sense of three-dimensional form

What natural resources did the Cherokee Indians use to make their weapons and tools?

they used their poo to make clay figures of themselvs

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