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How about VI = 6 in Roman numerals

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Q: What 2 letters spell a number?
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What is an honest number?

An honest number is: 1=one it is not an honest number because you need 3 letters to spell this number, not one. 2=two is not an honest number because you need 3 letters to spell two, not 2. 4= honest number because you need four letters to spell this number, and it is also the number 4 i hope i was clear enough, PS i believe there is no honest number for french language.

How can you spell candy with only 2 letters?

You can spell candy with the letters C and Y. (CandY)

What 2 words from letters rtifteufs?

Those letters will spell fruit fest.

What bones do you remove in mythology?

you have to actually spell out the number TEN in letters.

What can you spell with these letters rlnaaut?

Those letters spell natural.

Spell blind pig with only 2 letters?


What word has the definition of the number or name of street you live on using these letters sredsad?

Those letters spell address.

How do you spell 11 in letters?

The number 11 is spelled "eleven."

What word can you spell with the letters gedwsegnwia?

There is no anagram, The letters can spell phrases such as "weeds waging" or "swigged anew" but nothing more meaningful. Without the 2 Ws, the letters spell "disengage." Other shorter words: geegaws, endwise, and wedgies.

What can you spell with these letters?

The letters in "these letters" can spell the phrase "ether settles." The letters can spell shorter words such as trestles, sheerest, shelters, and treeless.

What can you spell using letters oiwfmha?

There are a number of words you can spell with those letters. Some examples are whom, whoa, whim, wham, waif, who, foam, mow, how, him, aim, and ham

How do you spell chilly with 2 letters?

You would spell it IC (pronounced eye-see, or icy).