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-14.88153 and 1.88153 (to 5 dp).

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Q: What 2 numbers multipled together will give you -28 and when added together gives you -13?
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What two numbers that is multipled gives you 294 and gives you the sum of 84?

The numbers are: 42+ 7 times sq rt of 30 and 42- 7 times sq rt of 30

What do the numbers 255 70 16 added together make?

Adding 255 to 70 gives you a sum of 325. Adding 16 to the sum of 325 gives you a total sum of 341. To verify your answer, you can add the three numbers together on a calculator.

What 3 prime numbers added together gives you 49?

3, 17 and 29 or 5, 7 and 37.

2 multipled by gives you 88?


What two number multiply together to equal -48 and add together to equal 13?

16 and -3 are the numbers which gives -48 when multiplied and 13 when added

What three prime numbers added together gives you 18?

2, 3, 13 2, 5, 11

What two numbers when multiplied is 12348 and added is 14?

The highest multiplied together will be 7 and 7, and this gives 49. Therefore this is impossible

What three prime numbers added together gives you 11?

(2, 2, 7) or (3, 3, 5). There are no triplets of different primes.

What number multipled by it self give you this 123456789887654321?

351364184.12760046280601855807206 multiplied by itself gives you 123456789887654321.

What number when multipled by itself gives 400?

20 when multiplied by itself equals 400.

What are two even numbers that when added you get odd numbers?

That is not possible; adding two even numbers always gives an even number

Can the mean be a decimal?

Yes, the mean can be a decimal because the mean is a+b+c+d+(the numbers)....=e(the sum of the numbers), then e/(the quantity of numbers added together to get e)=f(the mean). Sometimes the sum may not go into the quantity in a whole number, which gives you a decimal.

What 2 numbers multiplied together gives you twenty?

two numbers multiplied together that gives you 20 are 10 and 2. also have 5*4, 1*20, 2.5*8 ect

What do you call the result adding two numbers?

Adding two or more numbers together gives you a sum.

What 2 numbers when multiplied give you 108 and when added gives you 31?

4 and 27

What 2 equivalent numbers equal 2601?

1300.5 added to 1300.5 gives 2601.

What consecutive numbers multiplied together gives you 306?


What two numbers when multiplied gives you 24 but when added give you 10?

Six 'n' four.

What are the rules of multiplying odd and even numbers?

Multiplying two odds together gives an odd result Otherwise multiplying one even and one odd, or two even numbers together gives an even result.

What two numbers multiplied together gives you 51?

17 x 3 = 51

What number multipled by itself gives the answer 12 345 678 987 654 321?

The number is 111,111,111.

What are the 9 odd numbers which gives the sum eighty?

Not possible ! If you add an odd number of odd numbers together, the result will ALWAYS be odd !

What three numbers multiplied together gives you 126?

Try: 2*9*7 = 126

What multipled something gives you the answer of 115?

1 x 115, 5 x 23 | 23 x 5, 115 x 1

How do you work out the average of numbers?

You add the numbers together and divide by the number of numbers. So, 2+4+6+8 totals 20. Divided by four gives you five.