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The factor pairs of 4 are (4,1) and (2,2). Neither of them add up to 3. If your question was about negative 4, you could use 4 and -1.

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Q: What 2 numbers multiplied together 4 and if you add those together they equal 3?
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What two numbers multiplied together equal 24 and if you add those two numbers together they equal -3?


What two numbers multiplied together equal 24 but add those two numbers together they equal -11?


What two numbers multiplied together equal 12 but add those two numbers to equal -13?


What two numbers multiplied together equal 24 and if you add those two numbers together they equal 19?


What two numbers multiplied together equal 24 and if you add those two numbers together they equal 20?


What are two numbers that multiply to equal 16 but add to equal -4?


Which 3 prime numbers multiplied equal 293?

293 is already prime. Those numbers don't exist.

What does the sum mean?

The sum of two numbers is those two numbers multiplied together. For instance, the sum of 4 and 5 is 20.

Is the least common multiple of two numbers the product of those two numbers multiplied together?

Multiplying two numbers together will create a common multiple. It is sometimes, but not always, the LCM as well.

When two numbers are multiplied together the answer is 10000000 neither of the two numbers contain a zero . what are they?

They cannot be integers or whole numbers; but they can be numbers with decimals. There are many possibilities; if the numbers are the same, then that is the square root of 10000000 which is 3162.277666...repeating. Those same numbers multiplied together = 10000000. If numbers are different, there are other combinations, all involving decimals

What two numbers mutiply together to equal 225 and the sum of those numbers equal negative 54?

The numbers are: -27+6*sq rt of 14 and -27-6*sq rt of 14

What are numbers that are multiplied to form a product called?

Those numbers are called factors. A pair of those is called a factor pair.

What 2 numbers multiplied together equal negative 5?

1*(-5) 5*(-1) Those are the only two whole number equations that equal (-5). If you are looking for more than just whole numbers any two numbers you can multiply to equal positive 5, if you make one value negative your product will become negative. (i.e. 2*2.5=5 | (-2)*2.5=(-5))

What is the produkt of negative integer with itself?

A product of two integers is those two numbers multiplied together. If the product is two integers, it is called a square. Two negative integers are multiplied together by multiplying them together just as if they are positive. For example, -3x-3=9. It is exactly the same thing as squaring a positive integer.

What are two numbers when multiplied totals 1350 and one of those numbers has a square root?

25 and 54

What two prime numbers equal 741 when multiplied?

741 results from the following multiplications of two numbers: 1 * 741 (1 is not prime) 3 * 247 (247 is not prime) 13 * 57 (57 is not prime) 19 * 39 (39 is not prime) There are no two prime numbers that when multiplied equal 741. 3 * 13 * 19 equals 741, and all three of those numbers are prime.

One of two or more expressions that are multiplied together to get a product?

Those are 'factors'.

What prime numbers multiplied make 2009?

2009=7x7x41 and those are all primes.

What three numbers when multiplied OR added together equal 7.11?

I just did a very similar problem where you have to find a set of numbers so that when multiplied or added together you get 7. So i just plugged in your 7.11 into my formula and got an answer. Its a bit complicated how I got there. Essentially I used the formula a/b+(a-b)/b+b^2=(whatever number you want). And the formula a/b*(a-b)/b*b^2=(the number you want). Then I plugged in 7.11, combined the two formulas to solve for b. Used my calculator to find the solution (which should be in terms of fourth roots and square roots) and got these numbers. (they are rounded) a=3.121604582 b=.84392981. Notice that each of those equations uses 3 terms (a/b, (a-b)/b, b^2). Those are the three numbers. So finally, the numbers are... 3.698891237, 2.698891237, .7122175253. If you want whole numbers though... I cant help.

What is the average if 3 cubed and 5 squared?

3 cubed is 3^3=27 and 5 squared is 5^2=25. A cube of an integer is that integer multiplied by itself three times. A square of an integer is that integer multiplied by itself two times. The average of two numbers is those two numbers added together and divided by two. Any average is the numbers added together, then divided by the number of integers. Therefore, the average is (27+25)/2=52/2=26.

How to calculate?

You can calculate the sum of numbers by adding numbers together. You can calculate the product of numbers by multiplying those numbers.

How do you factor 5x2 - 4x plus 1?

Normally, you would do this by finding a pair of numbers whose product is equal to the product of the first term's coefficient multiplied by the last term, and whose sum is equal to the coefficient of the second term. Those numbers could then be used to break the expression down further. In other words, you are looking for two numbers, we'll call them A and B, in which (A + B) = -4 and AB = 5. Unfortunately, there are no such numbers, so that expression can not be factored.

How do you factor an equation?

If you mean "factorize" than this is my favourite method. Take this standard equation: X^2-12X+35 All you need to do is find two numbers which when added together equal -12 and when multiplied together equal 35. -5 and -7 can be added to make -12 -5 and -7 can be multiplied to make 35 Now that you have your two numbers, this is how you write them in a factored equation: Y=(X-5) (X-7) And that's your factored equation! NOTE: Those 2 numbers are also your "zeroes" or "x-intercepts" on your parabola. But when you use them on your graph, YOU MUST CHANGE THEIR SIGNS! So as zeroes they would be positive 5 and 7 rather than negative. (5,0) (7,0) Good luck.

Why can't two text numbers be equal to 2?

They can. The text numbers are 0-9 and if you add 0 and 2 then they equal 2. Those are the only two numbers that will work though.

What two numbers multiplied together equal 24 but add those two numbers together they equal 6?