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The numbers are: -4 +square root of 12 and -4 -square root of 12

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Q: What 2 numbers multiply to equal 4 and also add to equal negative 8?
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What 2 numbers multiply to equal negative four and also add to equal negative seven?

They are about: 0.53112887 and -7.53112887

What 2 numbers multiply to equal negative 60 and also add to equal 11?

unfactorble i think

What two numbers when multiplied equal negative 19 and also can be added to equal 9?


What two numbers multiply to equal negative 31 and also add to equal 10?


What 2 number multiply to equal negative 180 and also add to equal 11?

-9 and 20.

What numbers can you multiply together to equal 36?

+6 and also -6

What two numbers equal a negative 364 when multiplied but also equal a positive 12 when subtracted?

The numbers are 26 and -14

What happens to a rational number when it is multiplied by an integer between negative one and zero?

All numbers between negative one and zero are negative. When you multiply a number by a negative it becomes negative. Also, all numbers between negative one and zero are decimals. When you multiply a number by a decimal it becomes smaller. Thus, when you multiply a rational number by a number between negative one and zero, it becomes smaller and negative.

Is positive times positive negative?

A positive number times another positive number will give you a positive answer. If you multiply two negative numbers together, you will also have a positive answer. The only way to get a negative answer is if you multiply a positive by a negative.

What two numbers can you multiply and they will also equal what they add?

Well you can multiply 2 and 2 and it will give you 4 when u add

What equals 15 in negative numbers?

No negative number is equal to 15. Also, the only positive number equal to 15 is . . . . . 15.

What two numbers equal 1 by multiplying but also equal -2 by adding?


Why when you multiply and negative number and a positive number it always equals a negative number?

This happens because a negative number is dominant over a positive one, so the number will multiply just as if you were multiplying even numbers, but at the end, just put a negative symbol. Also, if you multiply two negatives, they cancel themselves out, and the answer just becomes positive, but that only goes when multiplying an even amount of negative numbers together. For all of these, do the equation the same way, but at the end you may have to just add or take away a negative or positive symbol.

What two numbers multiply to negative sixty but also add to negative eleven?

(-15) x 4 = -60 -15 + 4 = -11 ~Jason

What do you get when you add to negative numbers?

The answer will also be negative.

Would a negative whole number also be a counting number?

No. Negative numbers are not counting numbers.

Are negative numbers rational numbers?

All negative integers can be expressed as improper or vulgar fractions just as positive numbers can, and therefore, all negative integers are also rational numbers.

Why are all negative numbers closed under addition?

Because when you add any negative numbers, the sum will also be a negative number.

Is negative 11.5 a real number?

Yes. In general, real numbers include negative numbers; they also include numbers that have decimals.

Why do you get a positive answer when you multiply two alike signs?

You get a positive answer when multiplying two alike signs because since its an even number of positive signs, the number will be positive. For example, -2 x -4= 8 since there are an even amount of negative signs.

Why you use negative numbers?

we use negative numbers because if negative numbers wont be dere den den positive numbers wont also be dere so dere wont be any number.

What is the GCD of two negative numbers?

Since negative numbers also have positive factors, their GCF would be the same as if the original numbers were positive.

When does 10 plus 4 equal 15?

Only when your answering the question wrong or someone finds a sneaky way to multiply both numbers by 0 (which is also wrong).

Is a negative integer times a negative integer equal to a positive integer?

Yes, and also a negative integer divided by a negative integer is equal to a positive number (but not necessarily an integer).

Can a rational number be negative in the denominator?

Yes. It can also be negative in the numerator. Both positive and negative numbers (as well as zero) can be rational numbers. Both positive and negative numbers can be irrational numbers. Both positive and negative numbers (as well as zero) can be integers.