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If you asked the question wrong and need the 2 numbers that multiply together to get 35 and add together to get 12, they would be 7 and 5.

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one would be -35 plus or minus the square root of 1177, quantity divided by 2.

the second would be 12 divided by the first number. you can find this answer

by writing the equations xy=12 and x+y=35 and solving them; the answers

happen to be irrational, which is why I wrote them in simplest form instead of

the actual numbers.

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The first answer has a problem with its signs, so even if you slog through it,

it won't give you the numbers you're looking for.

They are 1/2 of [ +35 ± sqrt(1177) ] ====> 0.34628 and 34.65372. (both rounded)

You could have made it a lot easier on all of us if you had made the effort to

copy the question correctly.

If your two numbers 'times together' to make 35 and add up to get 12, then

they're just ' 7 ' and ' 5 ' and we can all wash up and go to lunch.

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Q: What 2 numbers times together to get 12 and add up to get 35?
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