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The two squared numbers 3 (32 = 9) and 6 (62 = 36) added together is 45.

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Q: What 2 squared number added together makes 45?
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What number squared makes 169?

13 squared (13 x 13) = 169

What two prime numbers added together makes an odd number?

2, and any other prime number (not 2).

What squared number makes 36?

36 is the square of 6.

What four odd numbers added together makes nineteen?

Adding 4 odd numbers together will always equal an even number - got ya!

The middle number for 150 and 280?

The middle number for 150 and 280 is 215. Here's how you work it out: Add the two numbers together which makes a total of 430. Then you divide the number by the number of numbers you added together to give you your answer.

Is 999 a squared number?

no because no one whole number multiplied by itself makes 999, the square root of 999 is 31.60696.....not a whole number nearest square numbers are 961 (31 squared) and 1024 (32 squared)

What number added to 7 and 3 makes 12?

The number 2.

Which is the smallest number which when added to an odd number makes the sum an even number?


Which is the smallest number which when added to an even number makes the sum an odd number?


What two numbers makes -1?

2 and -3, added together.

What makes hydrochloric acid turn red when added together?


What number when added to 8 makes 13?


What positive number makes 12 when added to its square?


What number when added to 0.3 makes exactly 1?


What number when squared makes 2304?

Forty-eight 48 x 48 = 2,304

Iron and carbon combine to make what?

iron and carbon added together makes steel

What number added to 75 makes 725?

725 - 75 = 650

What decimal number when added to 0.3 makes exactly 1?


Why is the area of a problem squared?

You multiply it and your finding space of what it has. The multiplication makes the squared.

What colours mixed together makes purple?

Red, with blue added in moderation, will make purple.

Which 3 triangular numbers added together makes 100?


What about if negative 2 is in the bracket and the squared is outside the bracket?

Then the answer becomes 4, the fact that you are squaring a negative number makes the result positive.

What are two numbers that makes 94.257?

There are many possible answers. One pair is 94 and 0.257: added together.

What number added to itself makes 24?

12 Just divide by 2

What happens to pH of a buffer when an acid or base is added to that buffer?

Acid makes the pH number go up Bases makes the pH number go down

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