What 3 coins equal 27 cent?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What 3 coins equal 27 cent?
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Mary has three coins that equal 25 cents what are the coins?

Assuming that they are current US coins, 2 Dimes and 1 Nickel. If they were obsolete denominations, they could also be a 20 Cent Coin, a 3 Cent Coin and a 2 Cent Coin.

What 18 coins equals 75 cent?

75 cents can be made from 5 ten-cent coins, 3 five-cent coins, and 10 one-cent coins.

What denominations were coins made in prior to 1933?

Gold Coins: $20-$10-$5-$3-$2.50-$1.00 Silver coins: Dollar-Half Dollar-Quarter- 20 cent piece-Dime-Half Dime-3 cent silver. Copper Coins: 5 cent- 3 cent (nickel)- 2 cent- 1 cent- Half cent

What are the values for 3 cent coins?

1919 3 cent georgivsvid:g rex

How do you make 60 cents with 3 coins in two ways?

With US coins, a half-dollar and two nickels, or two quarters and a dime. If you have 20-cent coins, 3 of those, or the 50 cent and two 5 cent coins.

How rare is a 1863 3 cent coin?

1863 only had a mintage of 21,000 3-cent coins.

How can you make 85 cent with 3 coins?

a dime, a quarter and a fifty-cent piece.

What is 3 by the power of 3 equal to?

3^3 is equal to 27.

There are 80 coins among them one coin weighs less compared to other You are given a physical balance to weigh In how many weighing the odd coin can be found?

80=27+27+26 equal divide but 26(fault coins) 27=9+9+9 9=3+3+3 3=1+1+1 so answer is 4

What 5 coins make 17 cents?

3 five cent nickels (is that what you call them) and 2 one cent coins

How do you make 61cents out of 3 coins?

One fifty-cent piece, one dime, and one cent (penny)

Can you use 7 coins to make 1.32?

2 Fifty cent coins. 3 dimes, and 2 pennies.