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Q: What 3 dimensional shape has surfaces that are polygons?
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Is a cube apolygon?

No, a cube is a 3 dimensional shape. All polygons are 2 dimensional.

How is a shape a polyhedron?

A polyhedron is a 3-dimensional shape whose faces are all polygons.

What is required for a polyhedron?

It is a 3-dimensional shape whose faces are all polygons.

What 3 dimensional shape takes 2 polygons to make?

There are infinitely many polyhedra that can be made from two different polygons.

Which geometric shapes is not a 3-dimensional shape?

All of the polygons because they don't have depth

What is a two dimensional closed shape made of line segments?

They are polygons which have 3 or more line segments

What is the top and bottom of a 3 dimensional shape?

It depends on the shape. The top of a pyramid will be a point (the apex). The top (and bottom) of a prism or an antiprism will be congruent polygons.

What are 3 dimensional shapes called?

Polygons !

Are 3 dimensional shapes considered polygons?


A shape that has more than 1 vertex?

Most 2 dimensional shapes (all polygons) have 3 or more vertices. Most 3-dimensional shapes (polyhedra) have 4 or more vertices.

What is a 3 dimensional figure that has polygons as faces?

A polyhedron.

Is a cube a polygen Why or why not?

A cube is not a polygon. Polygons are 2-dimensional figures and a cube is 3-dimensional.